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Undressing people. Stripping them to the nude. Putting them in their flesh tuxedo. It was originally released in on the PSP, which was close enough to the launch of the Vita to be ignored. Models are angular, textures are blurry, and if you look too far off, you can see the cars disappear into the 2D backdrops. I never found it too intrusive, but it was hard to ignore. Indeed, the combat, which has been a sticking point for the series in general, is just as clunky as Akibas trip nudity.

The biggest issue is the targeting, which is essentially non-existent. In groups, things can get hopeless, and kamisama help anyone who s you as an ally. Just flail in the direction of the enemies you want to strip and start tearing every once and a while. See what you can catch. The whole reason for the stripping? Lose your clothes, and you dissolve. Strip a bystander, and they just run off in embarrassment. You can also just strip down to a pair of headphones and be perfectly fine. Why are all these vampires out in the daylight, anyway?

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Have they never heard of coffins? A woman takes pity on you and shares her blood with you by way of a kiss, and you become a vampire — sorry, Shadow Soul — like her. An organization dedicated to the eradication of Shadow Souls, NIRO, recruits you by force to stop their diabolical scheme. The plan? Vampire bites apparently turn people into shut-ins. Drive down human birth rates in Japan so vampires can thrive? I poke fun at some of the more nebulous elements, but the foundation does a decent job of moving things along.

Your primary concern is protecting the people of the Tokyo neighborhood, but who has its best interests in mind? Is it really NIRO? Are all vampires bad?

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Likewise, the characters are enjoyable, if not a fair bit archetypal. It does tend to get a bit overly wordy, especially towards the end. Poor use of poetic is a turn-off for me. But the game rewarded me for being a predator! Not sure what message that sends. Some that you might not be into, but others that you might be!

Crossplay, maids, moe, catgirls, bunny girls, fox girls? You wander a Japanese neighborhood, shop, do side-quests, build up your Akibas trip nudity, much like in that venerated series. But then the combat sucks and the story is poorly paced.

It feels like one of those janky, Japanese, early PS2 titles like Mr. Mosquito or Robot Alchemic Drive. Solid and definitely have an audience. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun. Filed under Good Solid and definitely have an audience. How we score: The Destructoid Reviews Guide. Zoey is a gadabout gaming hobbyist.

She's been playing video games all her life and is a lover of both new and retro games. She enjoys digging in the dirt and picking out the games that are perfectly fine if you clean them up a bit.

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