Animated statue of liberty

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People around the world are familiar with what the outside of the Statue of Liberty looks like with her light green color, crown, tablet with the date of the Declaration of Independence, and torch. The inside, however, is lesser known. Turns out that just like the human body, Lady Liberty needs a skeleton. To make it, the outside pieces of copper — about the thickness of two pennies — were hammered into shape using a wooden mold.

Then, iron straps were put on the inside for support. A support structure made by Gustave Eiffel yes, the one responsible for the Eiffel Tower built a few years later uses a central iron pylon with smaller support beams. This allows it to sway up to 4. The careful construction worked, though the torch had to be replaced in because of water damage.

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Today, the copper flame is covered with karat gold, while the original is on view in the monument lobby on Liberty Island. The crown of the statue is open by reservation onlyand on the way up you can see the internal supports. National Park Service staff are the only ones who can see it today, and get there via a foot ladder. We use cookies for analytics tracking and advertising from our partners. For more information read our privacy policy.

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Animated statue of liberty

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Liberty Statue Animation