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Originally posted by lovejeons. Jungkook is always hard to find in the library. It always feels like a kind of game. You wander the stacks, running fingers over the spines of books and checking each desk and window sill for bushy brown hair. Legs splayed out in a large windowsill, flannel shucked around his waist in the heat of the sun, T-shirt showing off his new ink still healing. You try to sneak up on him, but he looks over before you can spook him. He just rolls his head to the window. God, he looks amazing in the afternoon sun spilling over his tanned skin.

With a sigh, he holds his arms out to let you fall against his chest. You giggle happily, snuggling close. Jungkook grunts. You turn to look at him. His eyes his wife Being fingered tumblr excitement but discouragement, too. He ponders it. His large brown eyes dart over your expression, hands loosening on your waist. You tentatively reach for his cheek, fingertips ticklng the nape of his neck as you lean in. At your touch, his lips find yours, pliant and eager at the same time. But by now, he can read your body. He always wants more, to take it a step further, to pull the gasps from you more and more each time like a competition with himself to be better than the last time.

Your eyes snap open as his hands drift low, thumb hooking into your waistband and fingers brushing lower. You run your fingers through his messy hair, pulling him closer by way of permission. He groans as he slides his hand under your panties, straight to your core. He breaks from your mouth, watching the way it stays open, you already panting from the way his fingers swivel and press against your clit.

Another whine. Jungkook swallows. You can see Being fingered tumblr panic fighting with the list in his eyes. But he does one better. His other hand wraps around your mouth, muffling the next whine as he dips his fingers inside you, palm keeping the friction over your clit. Jungkook licks his lips, lost in the way you yourself are lost.

He looks over his shoulder, a sizzling reminder that anyone could find you in his lap fingering you in the campus library. Then, those soft lips are on your ear, teeth scraping the shell. You whine, loving how his grip tightens over your jaw. You nod eagerly, pushing yourself flush to his back as he moves to your neck, tilting your head to the side. He feels it and sucks gently in response.

Your so close, with his wet tongue on your neck and his fingers curling inside of you. You dig your fingers into his arm, over the flowers covering the skin there. He grunts in response, mouth sloppy as his hand picks up pace. You gasp and whine curses against his palm until your trying to drag his hand out from your panties. If you still want a professor, stay tuned! Originally posted by jjeons. You angrily smash away on your phone this exact thought to your lab partner who is already there somehow. Keep reading. Pairing: Jungkook x reader [Sexploration Masterlist].

Originally posted by ariescults-moved. Jungkook stares at his hands in his lap. He picks at the grime building under his fingernails, anything to distract him from facing the man on the other side of the glass. Jungkook curls in on himself a little more, trying to be smaller than he already is in the oversized jumper the prison provided.

He chews on his lip to try and stop the tears. It feels more like his days are spent trying not to cry rather than trying to live. Originally posted by mimibtsghost. You watch Jimin in the kitchen. The house is bustling with people, the base and mumblerap pumping through the house, broken by the laughs and cries of drunk people swaying and tripping. Who needs to be drunk when you can look at him.

He dressed exactly as you said. His tight leather pants hug his legs, showing off his figure each time he turns to greet someone new. With a sigh, you gaze out your windshield at the red outlined with a shining heart. The mannequins dressed in lingerie line the barred windows. With my boyfriend in the car? Jungkook shrugs. You whine in frustration. You shine your puppy dog eyes until he cracks a bit. Originally posted by sugakookie. Doctor Yoongi Min. A title you thought he was way too young to have. How the hell did he manage to already nail a doctorate in computational linguistics?

He nods back, an obligatory smile plumping his cheeks. That, that, too. He never answers your small jabs. It pisses you off even more. He passes by you, shoulders hunched and shaggy hair covering his eyes, and you Being fingered tumblr out again.

But then he turns back around keeps walking. Without saying a word. Your jaw drops. The audacity of men. Namjoon glances over, more interested in his translations than any of your thoughts. You glare at him before turning back to your work, flicking at an already peeling corner of your own manuscript. The next time you see Yoongi in the hall, you say hello again.

As usual, he gives you that stupid half-smile. But this time, you follow after him. You wait outside his door, imagining him in his office, making coffee, sipping on it, apparently becoming human enough to actually interact. After 5 minutes, you knock on the door, determined to have a word with Being fingered tumblr. Yoongi stands at his desk, no coffee insight. His eyes flicker, then… fuzz? Did his eyes just go fuzzy like a TV screen? You freeze steps away.

Out of his mouth, sparking slightly, hangs what looks to be a tongue held into his jaw by wires. Yoongi reaches behind his head, and suddenly it snaps back into place. The fuzziness in his eyes clears, large brown pupils meeting your own bugging out of your skull. This is my last of the commissions from my Kinky Kommissions fundraiser for SW rights and awareness! Posts Tell me somethin! Submit a post Archive. Too loud. You nod. You stop just in time to collide head on with him.

Spanked JJK Pairing : sub! Jungkook x dom! Jimin x dom! He looks delectable. He scrutinizes his steering wheel instead. You want to do it together. Thank you so much for the feedback :. No human could handle that. So you settle for passive hostility. He just stares at you. You stare back. Yoongi pauses, eyes scanning the ceiling as though the right answer may be inscribed up there.

Always so studious. Cruise Control Minkook pairing: Jungkook x Jimin word count: 4k warnings: Public sexy stuff, explicit content summary: Jungkook and Jimin are both ditched on a class reunion cruise ship. Protected by Creative Commons. Characters only borrow name and likeness from the members. Do not copy, translate, repost, or reuse this work.

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Being fingered tumblr

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