Belly button torture stories

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Bride Punished. This story is about a girl who was punished by her enemy for flirting with her boyfriend. Sunitha was doing her final year in an engineering college. She is a stylish girl from a good family. She is tall, with wheatish complexion and an athletic figure but slightly curvy. All guys used to look at her and ogle and she also used to flirt with some guys. Sunitha got into trouble because of flirting with one of the other girl's boyfriend. Sunitha used her attractive body to lure the guys and make them look at her and talk to her.

She had a good figure with big sexy boobs and curvy belly and deep round navel. Sometimes she would wear tight t-shirts to show off her figure. She never used to wear bra in the hostel and her nipples would be protruding under her dress. No doubt all the guys were attracted to her. This made the girls in the college jealous of her and there was one girl called Rani who was very angry with her because Sunitha was flirting with her boyfriend always.

Rani was a tall girl but not as beautiful as Sunitha and she had many girlfriends. Pinky and Sheela were among her close friends. These three girls were jealous of Sunitha and wanted to teach her a lesson for a long time. One fine day, after the classes were over all the girls Belly button torture stories walking back to the hostel. Sunitha was walking alone she was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

Suddenly Rani and her friends Pinky and Sheela blocked her way and told her to go with them to their room in the hostel. Sunitha asked "why do you want me to come with you? Come on let us go. As soon as they reached the girl's room in the hostel the other 3 girls closed the door and windows so that no one could see what was happening. Sunitha was shocked. Then they said "Now let us play with her. They caught hold of her arms and twisted her hands and she struggled but to no avail.

Then they forced her to remove her t-shirt and started teasing her. She was wearing only a bra and tight blue jeans. Her cleavage and entire belly was visible and she was half naked. Then Pinky and Sheela forced her to lift her arms above her head and tied it to the window frame. Now Sunitha was completely helpless with both hands tied above her head and her body completely vulnerable. Sheela said "Hey girls, let us torture her now" and she removed Sunitha's bra also and started pinching her nipples. The pain was unbearable.

Sunitha pleaded with them "Please let me go. Then rani brought two cloth clips and put it on each of Sunitha's nipples Belly button torture stories played with her boobs. The other girls laughed and enjoyed Sunitha's suffering. They are all sadistic and cruel. Pinky was the most cruel of all the girls. She was tall and lean and almost boyish. She slapped Sunitha's breasts and pulled the nipple clips and said "I want to make her nipples bigger". All three girls played with her nipples for sometime.

Sunitha was sobbing and crying due to excruciating pain. Then Rani said "hey let us do something to her navel. She has a big, deep navel.

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Sunitha cried "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh. She liked to see sunitha suffer. Now Sunitha's slightly curvy belly was in a different shape because of the finger pressed deep into her navel. The 3 girls enjoyed this torture sadistically. Then rani said "I got an idea. Let us give her some snacks and drinks". Then they brought some cakes and soft drinks into the room. Sunitha was still tied up in the same position topless with her hands above her head only wearing the jeans.

The girls had some snacks and then forced sunitha to eat some. They tilted her head up and pushed it into her mouth and finally made her eat a huge piece of cake, two bananas and forced her to drink a whole bottle of fruit juice. By now, sunitha was too full and could not drink anymore her normally flat stomach was now bloated and bulging slightly above her jeans. Her jeans was low on her hip nearly three inches below her navel. She looked really beautiful and vulnerable in this position with her hands tied above her head. Then Sheela said "she has eaten too much and about to burst now. The nipple went into her breast and the shape of her breast looked different.

The other girls enjoyed this torture and clapped their hands. Sunitha sobbed mildly and was totally helpless and broken. Her belly was bloated and bulging because they had forced her to drink and eat too much and the other girls knew this. They wanted her to really suffer - so Rani took the long pencil and pushed it hard into sunitha's deep navel and twisted it round and round. It was a terrible drilling torture. The other two girls shouted "Make her navel deeper and bigger" and Rani was doing exactly that. All the girls knew that Sunitha's navel was deep and wide and very attractive Belly button torture stories she used to flaunt it and attract the guys.

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It was also her weak spot now because her belly was bloated with food and the navel looked like a bull's eye - it was very deep and round. The girls took advantage of this and continued to drill the pencil into her beautiful bellybutton. Sunitha started crying hysterically "Uuuuuuuuuughh. Sunitha's navel drilling continued for about five minutes. Then the pencil was removed from her bellybutton and Pinky came forward and put her index finger in Sunitha's navel and asked the other girls "do you want to see some more torture?

We want to burst her bloated belly. Belly button torture stories other girls were really jealous of her wheatish colored fleshy belly with the big deep navel in the center. In fact all guys used to ogle at it and all girls were jealous of it. The girls again deliberately forced her to drink two litres of fruit juice just to make the belly torture more severe. They wanted Sunitha to suffer extreme pain in the navel region. Then Pinky asked Sunitha "Will you show your navel to the guys anymore? The torture was incredible and Sunitha was about to faint. Please stop torturing my navel hole.

Sunitha was sweating and saliva was coming out of her mouth and tears flowed freely from her eyes and her belly seemed to be on fire.

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The pain was too much. Then the girls untied her and stroked and patted her belly and told her not to flirt with their boyfriends. Sunitha was thankful that the painful ordeal was over and left the place quickly.

Belly button torture stories

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