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Bad blogger, bad blogger! My husband and I barely even have time for intimacy let alone our BiLives! In recent years my career has taken off in ways I could never conceive. Just this past week I was on national radio, a month ago I established a consulting business at the urging of my colleagues and I am being urged to publish a book before Fall.

When I started this blog I was a mom and wife with nowhere to connect with other bisexual wives. I was not working full time, I did not have babies, I was not in school full time. Back then I was unaware. I started this space not really expecting any response. I had no idea people would actually come to the site. I had no idea people would actually begin to communicate with each other below posts in the comments, even though I wanted them to and encouraged connecting with others.

I had dreams of a BiWives Clubs, pretty pink satin jackets with embroidery included. Only one person who re this blog has shown up to a BiSocial Gathering. Through the Center, my professional work began to mesh with my BiWife blogging. I told other Organizers and Advocates about the site. From there, I Bi wife blog and posted in countless places seeking volunteers to keep the site running. After months, finally two BiWifeLife readers decided they would like to help keep it running. With new Contributing Authors and Moderators, the blog was able to keep running!

Super Huge thanks to meredithlee11 mercedesjet pinupgirlbeauty. Again, I had no real idea of what I was doing, this community just began to unfold before Bi wife blog eyes…and I loved it! I wanted to keep the conversation going. I wanted people to support each other through the difficult life trials of living as a bisexual human in long term relationships or marriages. I began to think about diversity in this space.

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There were MANY types of humans of varying genders and relationship structures who are bisexual, and married or involved in long term relationships. Eventually a BiHusband with his own blog decided to step up and support the male identified readers.

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One of our contributing authors left after about a year, another kind of drifted away, KDaddy is still hanging in there with me but he has his own blog, and life. As my family and career grew, the less Bi wife blog was able to post original articles and respond to readers.

Countless nights I wanted to let my fingers fly across the keyboard and share thoughts, discuss issues with you all. I left the space open for you all to connect with each other in my absence. Myself and others have been approving comments to allow for continued growth of the space. Here we are now. We are the epitome of hetero-normalcy. Being a heteronormal appearing both bisexual couple makes it VERY difficult to meet others with similar interests.

Where we could once go online to meet others, that is quickly changing. If you would like to volunteer as a Contributing Author or any other role to keep the community engaged, please send an to biwifelife gmail.

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Never just one human. Never was me and I was always pretty up front about it. My romantic Bi wife blog always tried to change that but it never went well. I did abstain from a polyamorous lifestyle through my entire last marriage…and I suffered the entire time being untrue to myself.

My husband and I have explored every facet of our sexualities with each other as far as I know, but he may surprise me one day, lol. That last statement may read like an incomplete thought but hear me out…. I would be offended and disgusted by someone with rings on flirting or trying to speak intimately to me. What kind of female would be willing to flirt or engage in intimate conversation without knowing anything regarding the status of those rings she can obviously see!?

Most times organically meeting a woman has so many layers to it the challenge seems insurmountable and I loose the motivation to even try, killing any hopes for Ms. Right to enter my life. Career opportunities came at me left and right AND 4 of my daughters were pregnant at the same time!!! They live at home with us. Our ideal situation would be a couple like ourselves, a both bi couple. Today we discussed maybe going out separately for the first time ever.

We both have no problem Bi wife blog either gender. We love spending as much time together as possible. We have fun with each other. We want relationships that are a PART of our marriage, with another male, and female. Preferably an interchangeable Quad. It would be nice to be with someone I feel comfortable kissing, him to find someone he can try new things with.

Of course we want to be our freest selves with our partners, as we are with each other. Our days and nights are frequently spent talking about, looking for and trying to figure out how we can find the partners we so strongly crave. We have yet to come across a bi couple with a bi husband and bi wife who are both looking for same sex partners. For those of us who are in hetero appearing relationships this time of year can be ultimately conflicting. I cannot count how many times my husband and I have been around conversations concerning homosexuality and bisexuality where abrasive, homophobic words and thoughts were said.

I personally wish We had more visibility, more awareness, less stigma, more respect for the fact we do exist. For now we will be the faces of you all who are still behind the walls of Bi Invisibility but We invite you all to march with us this and every year. Maybe in softly spoken words in your sleep, an open, forgotten, unattendeda phone record, a text message, a smell, a look, an anything that can shatter your world in a millisecond can happen.

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Do you really want to risk your partner finding out one day…potentially? Are you ready to change where you live, your friends, how your children see you, how your family sees you, how people at your place of worship will view you? You become distant, you daydream, you late night internet search, you watch porn, you fantasize about your bisexual desires while having sex with your partner.

Your partner notices the rift between you two, you refuse to talk about it now the rift becomes a chasm and shit gets tense in your marriage. All hell breaks loose. Your spouse listens.

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Your spouse asks questions. You and your spouse discuss options that fit your marriage best. You know your spouse, you know you. You know your relationship. You know your level of communication and understanding with your spouse.

Play the whole thing out, including the part where your spouse finds out, before you do anything at all. Have you watched television recently? Have you listened to any news?

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Have you seen the world shift? There are rainbows outside of businesses, in commercials, in cartoons for children…being Gay is okay today. Those who share their experiences are heralded as heroes and brave souls. Ten, twenty years ago men were publicly shamed for being cross dressers. I was a teen when RuPaul came along and changed that perspective. From then to now it has been a journey for Trans Rights. What does that mean to those of us who could NEVER come out as anything other than straight, other than a mom, a teacher, a wife, a husband, a Bi wife blog model?

There was a movement of people way back before my mom could figure out her sexual identity, who were helping people work these kinds of questions out. L stood for Lesbian. G stood for Gaythat meant a boy who liked boys and not girls.

Then there was Bisexualthey were nasty, confused, slutty and just liked to have sex with everyone because they had sex with boys and girls. They were not really a presence but more so a known entity.

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They were men who dressed and emulated women. Since then, the culture has changed. More and more people ed the movement for equality and fair treatment, new generations became involved, schools of thought progressed, things began to change over time with lots of boots to the ground fighting for progression. Over time, scholars of the LGBT lifestyles were born, they were the elders from and on the front lines who taught those of Us behind them about who and what we are.

Bi wife blog

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