Bitch boy slap fight

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Soulja Boy wants all the smoke after pop singer Aaron Carter challenged him to a fight.

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On Sunday Aug. Boy, I'll beat the candy out your pockets. Ain't you the nigga that had the songs like 'I want candy. What the fuck is you talking about? Fuck Aaron Carter.

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Who the fuck is Aaron Carter? Aaron Carter, you is a bitch. I'll beat the tattoos off your face, White boy. Soulja Boy's irate response comes a day after Carter, who lost a celebrity boxing match against Lamar Odom last month in Atlantic City, sat down for an interview with TMZin which he talked about a possible next opponent.

Carter name-dropped Soulja. He probably doesn't want to be embarrassed," Carter added. In the wake of Soulja's response, Carter has already fired back. Recording the clip from his home, the former pop star flexed by showing off his numerous plaques.

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Seventy-five million records later that's who I am," Carter said into the camera. What's good? I seen you boxing and training and doing all that shit.

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Talk all that talk, it's OK. Meet me in that ring, you know what will happen there, right? Soulja has been tied to numerous celebrity boxing matchups in the past, including proposed squabbles with Chris Brown and Jake Paulbut the L. Filed Under: Soulja Boy. : News. Back To Top.

Bitch boy slap fight

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Soulja Boy Responds to Being Called Out to Fight by Aaron Carter, Says He’d Beat the Tattoos Off Singer’s Face