Boys bathing together

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Of course they are always playing in there with toys and having fun. We have talked to them about keeping their privates to themselves since they were toddlers and they understand that part. But I think it just happened When one or the other asks to stop, IMO. Mine are 3 and 6, so not quite as close in age, but they shower together and I was worried about this too. I just told my 6-year-old that it's okay if she wants to shower alone and to let me know when she's ready to do that. AsI either bathed with Mom's help or alone. My sibling and I are 3 years apart, and Boys bathing together a guy.

Mom was big on modesty and privacy! As for myself, I am the mother of twin sons. As babies, I set up my Fisher-Price blue tub in the kitchen double sink It was so much fun, when they were tiny, that I very often had at least one family member over, hanging out Mom, or one of my Aunts who lived close by.

At about 18 months old, they discovered the shower in the master bathroom, and began taking their own baths, at first under my own supervision.

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Their teeth were brushed, ears cleaned, nails clipped Just interjecting my own opinion, here--I would never share my bath wateror use of the bathroom with anyone, regardless of gender or relationship. I have a three year old girl and 5 year old boy and once I'm a while the shower together no big deal.

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Boys bathing together are supervised and I think if u don't make a big deal of nakedness from the beginning with kids they grow up not feeling shame when they see naked bodies! They also shower with a parent or alone with us right there. Its good to teach about everyone having private parts and keeping hands to yourself though.

I only have one kid and she's 3. We are not ashamed to walk around naked around her and if she asked questions we answer them. America IMO has such a body shaming culture that I want her to feel very comfortable with her own body. We from very early respected her boundaries especially when people we know wanted to hug her, even grandma and she says no, no means no.

I think when she's ready to have her bath and showers on her own she'll let us know the time way when she goes poopy on the toilet and tells us she needs her privacy. I try not to make a big deal and draw too much attention to some situations that seem natural.

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Location place. Home Topics Grade Schoolers Post. Featured in Grade Schoolers At what age should siblings stop bathing together? My kids playing with toys together and having fun, but is it time to separate them? Z stars Top Answer.

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Boys bathing together

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Two Male Children Playing And Taking A Bath Together