Can u get pregnant from being fingered

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If you are concerned about this and it happened within the last five days, you should seek advice on emergency contraception as soon as possible. If you are worried about pregnancy, or anything to do with sex and relationships, you might find it helpful to chat to your doctor GP or nurse at your nearest Brook Centre about it.

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your own videos, images, blog posts, and playlists to Your Voices and share them with your friends. Essential support for under 25s. Crisis Messenger. Can I get pregnant from fingering? I feel a bit silly asking this, but I'd like to be reassured anyway. My boyfriend and I have decided not to have sex yet, but we have been doing other stuff, like touching and kissing. We worked out a system where he would wash his hands before fingering me, so this way I wouldn't be scared of getting pregnant.

The last time we fooled around, though, I allowed him to finger me without him washing his hands. I'm just a bit worried that he might have brushed his hands against his pants, which were damp from his precum.

Is it possible that a girl could get pregnant this way? Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on. Send via Whatsapp. Send via SMS. Views 87, Answered by Brook on Apr Next Steps Chat about this subject on our Discussion Boards. Need help but confused where to go locally? Download our StepFinder iPhone app to find local support services quickly. Tags: foreplay. Comments by Vanilla.

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Can I get pregnant from fingering?