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I recently caught up with Jackson to ask him about getting older in Hollywood and working with Lady Gaga—and to confess my high school crush on him.

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Did the script have a personal meaning to you? Cheyenne Jackson: Sure, definitely. But yeah, I can definitely relate. I mean, for sure.

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I was just talking about this with somebody. It is different, I think. Just to be an actor, we all exhibit a level of vanity. And nowadays, so many people are doing little things to their faces. I will admit I kind of succumbed to that a few years back. I got into doing Botox and putting stuff in my face.

And I started to not look like myself anymore. It kind of just made me sad. It changed the shape of my eyes. I feel like it makes you look like you have Botox. Aw, thank you. Thank you. I actually feel more handsome without it.

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Uh uh. The movie also mentioned how the industry is changing because of social media and streaming movies. Has that had a particular effect on your career? But I definitely see the trends and the changes. So you have to kind of play along to some extent. Is there anything you're focusing on with them at the moment? You know, Kenneth Cole and Kevin Frost, chairman of the board and the president, we definitely all keep in touch. This was your first season with the American Horror Story family. What was it like ing such a huge cultural phenomenon?

Exciting, daunting, nerve-racking, everything you can possibly imagine. It was just great. So it was really great.

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And I just love Ryan [Murphy]. Emmy night with my leading ladygaga. No, I knew she would be good. And I knew that she had a theater background.

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I was just so happy that everybody else caught on. Okay, we also need to acknowledge that you have a great bum. Well thank you first of all. It was just being naked on primetime television in something that my parents could potentially see. But yeah, she was so fun and sweet though. She made it easy breezy. I mean, Wes is just a great person and a great dad. Same for Bomer. I met him in New York about eight years ago. Finn, I love.

Evan, so talented. Oh my god, it was great. I learned so much from working with them. I just loved doing scenes with him. I loved that I got to do so much with him toward the end of the season. That's a wrap for me on ahsfx. What a ride. Sharing scenes with so many Cheyenne jackson naked my longtime friends has been a dream. Thank you Ryan and everyone at ahsfx for this adventure of a lifetime. Not yet. I hope to come back. My last question. Oh come on. Well, ok… Oh shit. So I would marry Jessica, fuck Gaga, and kill Angela only because she killed me on the show.

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Cheyenne jackson naked

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Q&A: Cheyenne Jackson on His Decision to Age Naturally, His ‘Bi Phase’ & That Lady Gaga Butt-Grab GIF