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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Premature ejaculation PE is a common male sexual dysfunction that can have ificant effects on a couple's relationship. Behavioral therapy and psychotherapy are both safe and effective methods of treating PE.

Ancient Chinese fangzhongshu sexual skills and methodswhich reflects a summary of expert experiences in sexology, contains many therapies for sexual dysfunction that are similar to those used in behavioral therapy or psychotherapy. A brief introduction dealing with the latest definitions of PE and treatment strategies drawn from behavioral therapy and psychotherapy is provided.

Typical therapies for PE from ancient Chinese fangzhongshu are listed and briefly analyzed in order to define their Chinese sex manual of applicability and instructions for use. Ancient Chinese fangzhongshu contains many effective and safe therapies for PE. It should be incorporated into modern medical practice after critical analysis, and its scientific aspects should be promoted as a way of improving reproductive health, both to benefit individuals affected by PE and to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Based on an analysis of the condition of the individual patient, one or multiple therapies guided by fangzhongshu can be expected to have an effect on the patient. Ancient Chinese fangzhongshu is of great value and should to be popularized and Chinese sex manual as a remedy for PE. Premature ejaculation PE is a common male sexual dysfunction that can have ificant effects on a couple's relationship [ 1 ]. However, no widely accepted definition and assessment tool exists for evidence-based clinical studies of patients with PE [ 5 ]. At present, methods for the treatment of PE include nonmedical therapy behavioral therapy and psychotherapymedical therapy pharmacology and surgeryand combination therapy.

Of these options, nonmedical therapy is both safe and effective [ 6 ]. Fangzhongshu sexual skills and methodszhuyou spell-castingand yijing Chinese medicine were the important branches of traditional Chinese medicine TCM in ancient China [ 7 ]. Fangzhongshuwhich mainly deals with sexual skills and techniques in intercourse between men and women, is an important summary of the experience of experts on sexology and contains valuable information regarding interventional treatments for various types of sexual dysfunction [ 8 ].

Fangzhongshu Fig. Fangzhongshu is quite similar to the concepts of behavioral therapy and psychotherapy that are employed in modern medicine.

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A series of 10 movements mimicking the sexual movements of 10 types of animals can be found in the Mawangdui [a place name] Medical Book of Sexual Activitywhich reflects a combination of yin and yang. A work entitled Sheshengzongyao Summary of Nourishing of Lifewhich was written during the Ming dynasty, is a comprehensive document of fangzhongshu that impressively describes the art of sexual activity.

Through clinical observation, we found that the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time of primary PE patients was dramatically prolonged after treatment for 4 weeks 0. In these patients, scores on a Chinese index of sexual function for PE known as the PECI-5 Chinese index for premature ejaculation-5 also dramatically improved after treatment for 4 weeks This method showed clear efficacy, and Chinese sex manual reactions were rare [ 9 ].

To promote understanding between TCM and modern medicine, representative therapies of ancient Chinese medicine, such as fangzhongshu for PE, must be introduced. Common elements of this definition with earlier definitions include a short ejaculatory latency time and lack of control over ejaculation and sexual satisfaction.

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Behavioral therapy includes the stop-start program, which was first described in by Semans [ 10 ]. InMasters and Johnson [ 11 ] reported a similar maneuver, the squeeze technique, which was slightly different from the technique described by Semans [ 10 ]. These methods were deed to help men recognize moderate levels of excitement, and are postulated to attenuate various stimuli and responses to prolong stimulation by gradual exposure of patients to more intense stimuli. The progress attained gradually le to sexual confidence, self-esteem, and an increase in intravaginal ejaculatory latency time, although this parameter has only been evaluated in few controlled studies [ 12 ].

Psychotherapy for patients with PE has 2 main goals. First, psychological interventions can help men develop sexual skills for delaying ejaculation by increasing their sexual confidence and diminishing their performance anxiety. Second, it can resolve psychological and interpersonal issues, which may have precipitated, maintained, or been consequences of PE symptoms for the man, his partner, or the couple [ 6 Chinese sex manual, 1516 ].

However, the outcomes in a majority of psychotherapy studies are not well controlled or randomized, and few of them meet the requirements of evidence-based studies. Moreover, similar to behavioral therapy, such studies generally Chinese sex manual have short follow-up periods [ 17 ]. Mental anxiety and stress result in sexual intercourse that is dependent on strong psychological stimulation, and consequently, sexual arousal increases rapidly. Hence, anxiety and stress can greatly speed up the ejaculation process and become a cause of PE [ 1118 ].

These 2 methods can help men control ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse by shifting their attention and relieving their stress. A man's attention is shifted visually by raising his head, opening his eyes, and looking around in the first method, whereas the tactile method of clenching a pill in the hand is used in the second method. Moreover, tianwangbuxin dan is considered a tranquilizer in TCM.

By clenching it in the hand, it can stimulate the Laogong PC8, a type of acupuncture pointwhich belongs to the hand Jueyin pericardium meridian and has the function of sedation. This method has the t effects of pharmacology and massage and can reduce anxiety and stress in patients. According to a study, increased penile sensitivity and a reduced ejaculation threshold can shorten ejaculatory latency and cause PE [ 19 ].

Pressing the lower abdomen can raise the ejaculation threshold and achieve the goal of PE treatments [ 20 ]. The key point of this method is to be mindful of time. This technique will fail to raise the ejaculation threshold if used too early or it will fail to control ejaculation if used too late. Hold down the glans, press on the front of the anus with 3 fingers of the right hand and raise a breath to Dantian [a type of acupuncture point]. Then the mind is controlled and excitement is suppressed by breathing deeply.

Do not perform any action. The penile erection can be restored again after some time, and the sexual intercourse can be d. PE will not occur if the penis is removed and sexual desire is endured to raise Qi movement. A rest is needed after a long period of sexual intercourse and then one can perform again after calming down.

The whole penis or half of the penis can be moved out quickly when ejaculation is about to take place. Never do this in a hurry. Controlling or interrupting ejaculation can depress the excitability of the nervous system and thus achieve a therapeutic effect for PE [ 172122 ]. The first method involves the interruption of sexual intercourse, and the source points out that the penis should be moved out immediately when imminent ejaculation is felt. This technique involves pressing the front of the anus Huiyin [RN 1] in the perineum and breathing deeply to control the mind and suppress excitement.

The method of controlling ejaculation after continuing sexual intercourse involves repeating the suppression of sexual excitement by interrupting it again, breathing in, and contracting the anus as when one controls urine. The key point of this method is to interrupt sexual intercourse immediately when imminent ejaculation is felt by shifting one's attention and suppressing yin while raising qi. The second method involves suspending or discontinuing sexual intercourse. The text states that patience is essential in sexual intercourse; rest is needed to calm down and restore one's energy before continuing sexual intercourse.

Patients with high sensitivity can remove the entire penis or half of the penis if slight activity in ejaculation. The difference between the 2 methods lies in whether it is necessary to remove the penis. Only patients with high sensitivity require removing half of the penis or the whole penis.

Changing sexual positions or body posture can have a therapeutic effect on impotence, PE, and other disorders of sexual function, thereby Chinese sex manual the quality of sexual intercourse [ 23 ]. This method states that a man should stand next to the bed, raise the woman's feet, and insert the penis into the vagina.

This method received its name because the woman's legs are held outward and resemble flying seagulls. The positions of standing and lying in this method are easy to implement and are especially suitable for men without Chinese sex manual firm erection or much sexual experience. For the man, the standing position, which is comfortable and conserves physical strength in comparison to clinostatis, makes it easier for the penis to enter the vagina. This may alleviate patients' mental stress, prolonging the duration of sexual intercourse and delaying the ejaculation.

For women, this position makes it easier to stimulate the G-spot located in the anterior vaginal wall, approximately halfway between the pubic bone and the cervix [ 24 ]. Hence, this position improves sexual satisfaction for both men and women.

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Thus, men can hold and fondle women gently, close their mouth and grit their teeth, place their thoughts elsewhere, insert the penis into the vagina and perform sexual intercourse following Chinese sex manual method of 9 shallow thrusts followed by 1 deep thrust. Sexual intercourse is performed using the method of 9 shallow thrusts and one deep thrust, in which the penis repeatedly stimulates the vagina in a shallow position and slowly moves deep after adaptation, when both the man and the woman have a high degree of sexual desire and increased secretions. In this method, the sexual organs are first stimulated and then sexual intercourse is performed after a high degree of sexual desire is attained.

This can relieve the patient's stress to some extent. In addition, the method of 9 shallow thrusts and 1 deep thrust, which progressively and gradually strengthens the stimulation of the penis, reduces the sensitivity of the penis and improves the stimulation threshold for ejaculation. The combined action of these two techniques delays ejaculation and improves the quality of sexual life. Fangzhongshu is a set of ancient sexual techniques based on Taoist thought. The main concepts of sexual harmony, attention paid to flirting and foreplay before sex, and artistry in sexual behavior are important guiding principles in this approach to treatment.

Fangzhongshu contains some outdated feudal elements and magical components. However, it should be integrated into modern clinical practice after critical analysis, and its scientific aspects should be promoted to benefit individuals' reproductive health and to promote traditional Chinese culture [ 25 ]. Although fangzhongshu has a long history in ancient China, it is only a summary of the experiences of individual experts, and it has not been evaluated through the clinical observation of large samples.

Hence, its effects need further study. Studies incorporating scientific observations and research methods need to be Chinese sex manual, and suitable treatment methods should be explored for different groups of people. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. World J Mens Health. Published online Dec Find articles by Yong Zhu. Find articles by Qiang Chen.

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Find articles by Yuexing Gu. Find articles by Jin Yue. Find articles by Qingqi Zeng. Author information Article notes Copyright and information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Correspondence to: Qingqi Zeng.

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Abstract Premature ejaculation PE is a common male sexual dysfunction that can have ificant effects on a couple's relationship. Open in a separate window. Relationships between fangzhongshu therapy and behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. References 1.

Chinese sex manual

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