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Thank you to Craigslist and Facebook for helping with a recent move. Since these resources were so beneficial for me, I decided I'd share some tips about online buying and selling for anyone else who might need some help, or for anyone who has extra stuff and wants to make some quick cash. There are so many websites and mobile apps out there dedicated to buying and selling used goods-whether it be furniture, appliances, clothes, electronics or even vehicles and housing.

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Now, I know buying used products-especially furniture-isn't for everyone, and I completely understand that. But because my budget it tight, I'm completely OK with buying things used, as long as they're clean and in working order.

And sometimes sellers have brand new products that haven't even been taken out of the package yet but for some reason can't be returned to the store. It fits my needs perfectly and-best of all-didn't make my bank suffer too much. But if you've never used any of these websites and apps, finding the right one can be tricky and overwhelming.

So I've compiled pros and cons for a few popular buying and selling websites and mobile apps to help a first-time online bargain hunter. First just Craigslist com duluth quick note about all the resources I've listed: They all work on both computers and mobile devices, are free to use, allow users to search a variety of within a specific region, and allow shoppers to save items they want to revisit later.

Facebook Marketplace is a pretty popular sales hub right now, probably because so many people already have Facebook, and the tool is free to use for those with s. You can Craigslist com duluth who a buyer or seller is through their profile. Sure, there might still be fake profiles out there, but it's much easier to identify a scammer through a fake profile than if they only provide a phone or address, like on Craigslist.

Users chat with potential buyers and sellers through the app, so there's no need to give out a personal phone or address. Users you chat with can only see as much of your profile as you want them to, based on your privacy settings. I honestly cannot think of any cons for the Facebook Marketplace. It has been a great resource for me.

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Facebook Marketplace is accessible on a computer by clicking the "Marketplace" button on the left side of the website. On the mobile app, it's an icon at the top of the. The Facebook messaging app allows users to send money through the app. This feature can be helpful for those who don't typically like carrying Craigslist com duluth, but paying prior to picking up an item requires a certain amount of trust that the seller will come through and actually deliver the item.

Around sinceCraigslist is one of the more well-known buying and selling website. It's certainly the first place I usually think to look when I want to buy used online. Because of this, scammers can easily post bogus listings, and not knowing who you're talking to can be a big security risk. For example, if I'm browsing on my computer and favorite an item, it won't show up in my favorites on my phone app, even though I've ed into my on both devices. Searches are limited to the "Brainerd" Craigslist site.

To get around that, you can use your phone's web browser and go to the desktop website, but that route is a bit more tedious. I've found that Craigslist is really useful for rental housing. It's where I found my new apartment, and it had-by far-the most rental listings of any other sites I checked. Letgo is a fairly new app, just launched in You might have seen the TV where someone says "Let's sell it on Letgo!

This means you don't have to remember any pesky username or password. For example, I was able to search through a "furniture" category on the other apps when looking for couches, beds, shelving, etc. Letgo, however, doesn't get more specific than a "home" category, which can encompass so many things, like artwork, appliances, kitchen items, holiday decorations, etc.

Scrolling through hundreds of unwanted items can be frustrating. Now, there is a search feature available to type in keywords like "couch" or "table," but Craigslist com duluth it brings back depend on how sellers label their items. A couch could be labeled as "couch," "sofa" or "loveseat," and searching each individual term gets tedious. Letgo sends notifications when a new posting matches your searches, which can be helpful, but because of the app's location feature, the products it notifies you about might not always be nearby.

OfferUp is similar in format to Letgo, and it has more specific. But it doesn't seem to be quite as popular because I didn't see nearly as many listings compared to other resources. So next time you're contemplating a big purchase-or maybe even a small one-stop to think about whether or not you really need to buy brand new. And if not, then have fun navigating the web to see what kind of treasures you can find.

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Trending Articles. Crime and Courts. Business Facebook, Craigslist or Letgo: Which online marketplace is right for you? Since these resources were so beneficial for me, I decided I'd share some tips about online buying and selling for anyone else who might need some help, or for anyone who has ex Legto is a fast-growing buying and selling app allowing users to search through available listings or post their own items for sale. OfferUp offers up about 40 specific of goods, making it easy for users to find exactly what they want. Suggested Articles.

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Craigslist com duluth

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