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Kyle, aka hlywdkjk, better known as Kyle in Hollywood, was a devoted fan of classic film. Kyle was a lifelong advocate for classic film, and he is deeply missed within the TCM community and beyond.

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Speaking of rumors, Betty GRable mentions in one of her biographies that Dan Dailey was a cross-dresser. Word around the Fox lot was that he preferred Linda Darnell's gowns, and he'd raid the wardrobe dept.

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Esther Williams says in her biography that Jeff Chandler surprised her one day by wearing a wig, make-up, dress, high heels. They had talked about getting married, but this caused her to reconsider. She stated that the actor told her that his ex-wife had had no problems with cross-dressing. Apparently,Esther did. Slightly off-topic for this thread. There's another thread about men who dress like women in movies. You might like that one. I created it and it has a lot of good replies. Arturo, any idea why there is an area beside my post that says edit?

One more bit of info. She never names the person but I just knew it was Dailey I haven't read any of Grable's books so I had no knowledge of this rumor. Which is so funny because he just seems so I thought I ly read that Esther Williams admit that she created a few fairy tales to hype her book up and this was one of them? Also, just playing devil's advocate, with all those props on the sets, isn't it possible just for gags for someone to dress up in the opposite sex's apparel? I've seen this before and of course females are never called "cross dressers" if they take a blazer and phony mustache from props and start galavanting around.

However, if a man dons a skirt, wig and heels he is a cross dresser. I'm not saying Chandler or Dailey were or weren't but how do we know those recalling of events weren't taken out of context. Chandler revealed himself. I was extremely disappointed. I always liked Jeff Chandler, but I will admit it was disconcerting to me. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. I have read that a great many were angry at Esther Williams for revealing this, I do not think she would have risked the controversy unless it was true.

I have also read various things describing Dan Dailey's cross-dressing. If he wore Linda Darnell's gowns, he probably did not look nearly as beautiful as she did. You beat me to the punch! As far as I? From my vantage point, I can say that Jeff was not a bona fide cross-dresser. The reason why I know this to be a fact is because he was known to have been a big practical joker! The two that I know of were at the house of Sammy Davis Jr. It was all just a gag Jeff like to play on his friends to see if they could recognize him.

Well, it never worked! He was always caught in the act as we say in show business. Now, about Dan Dailey, well his homosexuality has already been discussed and revealed in various tales of old Hollywood. Dan was a closeted gay man throughout his life; so much so, that it wasn? The rumors about Dan were never so persistent to have any interest, because he had never been considered a major star. He also led a quiet and very private life, as to not add to any strong suspicions.

Any references to being a cross-dresser are considered by most insiders to be hearsay. MovieProfessor - interesting story about Mr. Chandler and Dan dailey gay think I am convinced of that. That may be, but it in no way disproves that Chandler didn't indulge in cross-dressing as a private kink, either.

Nor - lest anyone interpret such from the Dan Dailey paragraph - does cross-dressing guarantee homosexuality. And just how does one square showing up at a movie premiere in drag with being deeply closeted? All I can say at this juncture is that both men were remarkable, wonderful, talented human beings. That's all that really matters in this discussion. It's not that I'm trying to set a record or information straight, but to simply give some clarification that neither man can be so easily classified into one difinite lifestyle or plain idiosyncrasy.

On the second one, Dailey was doing what most in Hollywood like to do, make a scene or create attention and a fuss about themselves. This is a simple part of the business that still goes on to this day, not having anything to do with being closeted. It can certainly now be interpreted as Dan ifying something that a few in Hollywood might have known.

But, the times would have hindered him from coming out. So, in a technical and historical form of thinking from that time ofany deeply rooted issue towards a hidden lifestyle wouldn't have been made sense to equate with what the public Dan dailey gay know. As a general rule of what was known about Dan, he didn't dress up in women's clothing to be so outlandish to epress his gay lifestyle. The key to Dailey showing up at a premiere like that was that he was "dead drunk" I think was the expression.

In that Grable biography, it also mentions her as trying to get Dan to accept himself, which he was struggling with, especially since he was married with children, and even played matchmaker with Dan and some of the gay dancers, extras, technicians, etc.

I think it's sad that Dan Dailey's alleged personal activities would be considered more important than his ability to entertain and his film legacy. I also find it deplorable that some people think so low of gay men that they have to associate them exclusively with wearing dresses.

The homosexuals I know exhibit a lot more integrity and are known for their class, professionalism and life-affirming qualities. I guess we have a long way to go before people break out of their narrowly defined ideas of what it means to be gay and what it means for a man to be an artist in the world of costume de. Again, very sad. The subject was broached gingerly on this thread in reference to Jeff Chandler.

I brought up Dan Dailey because it seems to be fairly well known about him. I NEVER implied that being gay and being a cross-dresser are synonymous, nor that that is my impression of gay men. Nor am I ridiculing Dailey in any way, just find it amusing to picture him wearing Amber's gowns kinda like Mrs. It doesn't lessen my regard for him as an all around entertainer who excelled as a dancer in musicals. On the contrary, I have the highest regard for him and his career, and think that he was a big star in the late 40s-early 50s, unlike another post that intimated he was a minor player.

Surely, you don't think Dan was a Dan dailey gay star of motion pictures, when you look at his overall standing. After only four years at MGM and then his war service, the studio didn't re him when he returned! This is why he managed to somehow pull off having a career at 20th Century-Fox.

He played second fiddle throughout most of his career at 20th Century-Fox with you know who. Later came what were somewhat low-budget, secondary musicals that are today forgotten. The basic background towards Dan not having what is considered major star status was the lack of some solid identity to his career and image. He never, absolutely never carried nor starred in any of the big films or dramas he appeared in with a big classic movie star! His film career or star status rested on the fringes of the business; almost something like a B-Movie player getting a break with a role in a major film!

Every now and then, Dan might have played in the "big leagues" of movie making, but he was never such a big star player setting any records, ending up mostly on the sidelines of supporting Dan dailey gay bigger star or what we might consider a classic one.

Don't get me so wrong on Dan. He had a respectable career, a really good one. But is it Dan dailey gay worthy of classic status? Oversall, I don't think so. I don't think the subject was broached gingerly, but rather snidely. It seemed like bullying to me, quite frankly. This made him a star, and the studio immediately sought to capitalize on this and reteam him with Grable. His studio saw him and Betty as an Astaire-Rogers type of team; the difference being that Grable was a top star when they first got together in MWT she had hoped that Fox could borrow either Cagney or Astaire for it.

Dailey was featured in many of 20ths musicals of that period, besides those with Grable, among them:. So I think, as I stated, that he was a big star then. He may not have been voted Top Boxoffice Star, or one of them, but that doesn't mean he wasn't popular. He often carried a film. So 20th preferred its female musical stars even Ameche and Power were hard put to share the spotlight with thembut he held his own.

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The fact that 20ths musicals of that time are not as well-known, or well-regarded, nowadays as are MGM's has more to do with the inventiveness of the Minnelli-led films made at the latter, than with Fox' not being successful at the boxoffice. I'm going to agree with you on this one I think Dan Dailey had just as important a career as other musical stars. And any of these nay-sayers, well let's just seem them go and make a few pictures in Hollywood. You have to be immensely talented to get in through the front gate and have a long-term contract with a studio.

Zanuck didn't hire nobodies. And neither did Mr. Now, now.

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I'm not trying to be so sarcastic or malicious or mean. But, let's face it, Dan didn't exactly have such a good singing voice, let alone be such a good dancer. Oh, he tapped well enough and managed to carry a tune here and there, but in remembering him there isn't much to haivng an impact.

For me, it's all about the impact a performer makes over the course of time they appear in films. Dan was a good and reliable star, one of the best. But, the hard-core nitty-gritty just isn't there for me. Sounds like your personal bias against a certain performer. Well, I've got to get into this one--being a Dan dailey gay tap dancer and tap dancer instructor myself--I think that Dan Dailey is a good entertainer and a good hoofer.

He does indeed hold his own with Kelly in "Fair Weather". I've always admired and respected his work. Even though he was not a major movie star, his movies with Grable were popular and made money. Having said that, now I've got to say that Gene Kelly is probably the most important artist in the history of the movie musical. Then he is a great director and innovator of musicals.

Dan dailey gay

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