Dark souls sweet fx

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Plenty of Souls fans dislike it, but the people who dig it are really, truly enamored with Drangleic. I always appreciate seeing that passion bubble up into fan creations that benefit the wider community.

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I figured it out, the problem was I was dumb the whole time. Now I can swap back to unmodified files at will, so expect a lot of comparisons in the near future.

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Starting with my current favorite, Shrine of Amana. Left is before, right is after pic.

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Easily the brightest level in the game now, followed closely by Dragon Shrine. I just love the look of this place.

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Outside of Twitter, you can also keep tabs on this mod on Twitchwhere the creator streams their work. The project seems like a painstaking job, but I can already tell the final result will be worth the trouble.

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Stay3D [Twitter via ResetEra ]. Filed under Here are a few screenshots of the not-yet-finalized mod working its magic: And here are some before-and-after comparisons: I figured it out, the problem was I was dumb the whole time.

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Next: Sneezing is how you get around in Hayfever.

Dark souls sweet fx

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Introducing Rekindled FX, Dark Souls 3’s First SweetFX Graphics Enhancer