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Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. He's now 71 years old and he never married. He was close friends with Freddie Mercury for over 15 years and was at his death bed when he died. I never thought about it, OP, but back inI thought he was a lot cuter than any of the Beatles.

I so wanted him to make me Glad All Over. I watched the documentary and I wondered about that as well. Also, he seems to have had some tragic plastic surgery - those eyebrows! It was an interesting documentary.

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I never knew that much about him. It seems that he was a savvy businessman but he kind of screwed over his bandmates by holding back on releasing their songs. I didn't know he wasn't married, are you sure, cause I think he was with his wife while hosting Rocking New Years. I did find love in my life, but I love my freedom more. I found when I got into serious relationships it interfered with my work. I felt the need to come and go as I please, to answer to no one, so marriage wasn't for me. This pleases me greatly. There needs to be more handsome homos flying under the radar Dave clark gay rock and roll.

For a forgotten pop star with a brief career he seems to have done very well financially, I read too about him screwing his bandmates out of royalties, as he was the group. Hmmm, the same Cathy McGowan who lives with musical theatre star Michael Ball - the same Cathy that pulled Ball to Dave clark gay from a different bedroom than her own when their house went on fire. Of course, he was only in a different bedroom because he was working late and he didn't want to wake her when he got home.

Yes, that Cathy McGowan. Yes I was going to mention Cathy McGowan, who must be a lot older than Michael Ball - isnt he at least 50, his weight had increased dramatically when I last saw him on tv too. It must be one of the oddest beardings in showbiz. She must be at least 20 years older than him. He was delightful dragged up in Hairspray on the stage, even camper than John Travolta in the movie. It's about two sisters living together after their husbands go to prison and their man eater Jew neighbor. Billy J. Kramer was another one of Brian Epstein's discoveries - they used to travel together a lot - I have wondered about him as well.

He was a real prick. He owned the name "Dave Clark 5" and wouldn't allow his ex-bandmates to use it. For example, if Mike Smith wanted to appear somewhere, he could not advertise that he was "Mike Smith, formerly of the Dave Clark 5. I mean, 30 years down the line when the guy might have wanted to tour with oldies reviews, he couldn't mention the band he'd been in.

Who wants to see Mike Smith? Mike Who? But if someone reminded you, "He was the organist and lead singer of the Dave Clark 5," you might if you're over 50 say, "Oh yeah. I'll go see him. Are you sure about that? The latter day Supremes were able to record and tour as the "Former Ladies of the Supremes". R21, no. Mike was forbidden to use the Dave Clark Five reference. Here's an article on Clark's prickery which mentions it.

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I don't think Clark is gay or straight. I think he's a miser and a narcissist who would never share anything with anyone, not even his own semen. I watched that documentary too OP, I like a few of their songs, and I love that time period for music, however; they were never on par with the Beatles or Stones that is for sure. I came out of it thinking that the Dave Clark 5 were rather boring, and that he was a complete tool.

The only exciting part for me was when Freddie Mercury love that man! He is a real bastard for not allowing his band mates to profit from their success. He was obviously gay IMO, but with such an ego, and boring personality, who cares. I remember when bandmate Mike Smith died of cancer some years ago, in relative poverty.

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Dave Clark though kept the bandname and all the royalties. Same kind of thing with Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Holly though is very well set up now, even if living with HIV. Mike died from complications from a fall which had left him paralyzed from the neck down. He eventually regained some small movement in his left arm. His only child, an adult son, had earlier died in a diving accident. They had 17 Top 40 hits. They were the "clean" version of the Beatles and the Stones. Parents approved of them. They were monstrously popular in the US for 2 or 3 years, practically living here, they toured Dave clark gay much.

When psychedelia became popular and The Monkees became te "clean" rock group and appeaered on tv weekly, the DC 5 waned in the US and went back to the UK, where they were popular for a few more years. Dave Clark had virtually no musical talent. A session drummer played on their studio recordings. Songs were written by other people and Clark took credit for them. His fellow bandmates were on salary. They were his employees, which they didn't quite understand when they ed the contracts. They knew they would get a steady paycheck, which other bands didn't get, so they were happy with that but didn't realize they'd never get any royalties or be able to later tour as former members of the DC5.

Clark made it very clear in a phone call to Mike Smith, who was about to tour in the US during a wave of nostalgia, that he must not use the name or he'd take Smith to court. That attitude is odd, r33 - its not like the band is a recognised brand now, or still touring with an original member.

Surely if he wants his band recognised as part of the 60s nostalgia boom he would want them touring or still making money. The only one of his hits I liked was "Glad All Over" which sounds dreadful and monotonous now. Getting back to Dame Michael Ball, is the rumour true that he and fellow showbiz veteran John Barrowman were sharing a dressing room at some benefit some years ago now, and there were odd sounds coming from their room with the door locked, and they could not get them out???? Because is a fantastic song, and it was one of the first big pop song to use that unusual chord progression, which is now used fairly regularly.

I remember reading somewhere that he was, indeed, gay, but I can't remember where I read it, I just remember it was a reliable source. If you had shown me just the after pic from the two in r8, I would have never guessed that was Dave Clark. That is just stunning in it's badness. After ten years, all the tapes, ownership and copyrights would revert back to him. This became common practice in the 70's and beyond but it was unheard of back in Dave was after all a total unknown at this point yet he somehow managed to strike a nice lucrative deal with the major record company of the time.

Gee, I wonder how he thought that up, considering he wa sa 21 year old with no business experience or schooling? I wonder if he had an older "friend" who was advising him. And I wonder if perhaps he became "friendly" with an EMI exec who ed the deal?

Sandie Shaw did the same thing she owns her own master tapes. Her mentor was pop star Adam Faith. Perhaps Clark had his own Adam Faith. I was 7 in '64 when this group hit it big in the US. Oh my Dave clark gay, that show "Time" looked like a crashing bore. I can't believe Dave Clark got all of those famous people involved in it. Dave clark gay not only looks creepy, his voice is creepy, too. I never heard him speak in the 60s.

But not the DC5. They were in their own little world.

Dave clark gay

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The Dave Clark Five 'Documentary' BBC 2 Saturday 14th Feb