Ebony 16 and pregnant

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On the eve of Sept.

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Ebony and Josh were arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor their 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn and possession of drug paraphernalia. DHS also took Jocelyn from their home and placed her in temporary foster care. Ebony opens up to HollyBaby. Our daughter is always taken care of. She will always be taken care of. Also according to the report, one gram of synthetic marijuana was found.

It was all mine and I was just doing it to self harm … after the loss of my son, I just lost him two months ago.

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Ebony says her emotional woes were caused by the loss of an unborn son. I was already hospitalized at the beginning of June — for suicide prevention.

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But the police raid and seeing Jocelyn taken away was a rude awakening. And yes I did smoke it heavily after I lost [the baby], but I never had any marijuana in my house.

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I want everyone to know that. It was just out of depression that we would even let the house go, let everything go.

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We were not ourselves. We finally got snapped back into ourselves last night. Our house is never like that. It got like that in the past month because Arkansas is really bad with flies. Their daughter Jocelyn is in a foster home until the court date on Sept. Josh is facing an honorable discharge from the Air Force, but the couple plan to move to Colorado where they will focus on rebuilding their lives.

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Hollywood Life Staff. Ebony explains to HollyBaby.

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