Ella hughes age

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When a friend told me about cash-in-hand modelling for amateur photographers to help their portfolios, I jumped at the chance. I thought about it for three or four months, and, the more I looked at the work, the more I wanted to do it. It looked so easy. I thought no one would ever see my video and it would be fine. But actually, my first video had four million views.

BBC Three. I loved the whole process of shooting the video. The sex only lasted 20 minutes, and it was so easy. The more I did it, the more I fell in love with Ella hughes age. I started doing around 15 scenes each month. I did it for a year alongside my degree, but I was really struggling to balance it all, and my university professors eventually found out. I had to decide whether I wanted to stay or not.

I weighed up how much money I could earn per month from porn, and how much with law. I realised that by the time I finished my bar exams, I could have bought myself a house and car from doing porn. When I first started, a group of boys told me how they wanted to kill me. They sent me photos of the knife and of bin bags. Porn does have its downsides.

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I do also get trolled a lot online. It was scary and I had to get the police involved, but I now have a really thick skin. I also currently have a legal case going on against a stalker. One director wanted a man to slap me during sex, but I refused and threatened to walk off set. My family found out about my career when someone on the internet messaged my grandmother. Luckily, they were all so supportive. My step-dad, who works in agriculture, felt the same way. I think we just find it too awkward to mention. Some Facebook friends messaged me when they found out about my new career, but they were mainly curious.

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Some of the boys told me how amazing I look, while a couple of the girls just asked: "Is it true you do porn now? A dish best served cold How well do you know these revenge movies?

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As told to Radhika Sanghani. More from Redcat. More from Docs.

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Hidden Girls. Hayley Goes Most Popular. Every question you ever had about female ejaculation, answered. How to masturbate. Young, female, and addicted to porn.

Ella hughes age

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