Erotic insemination stories

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I sat down at my desk and picked up the phone. My wife and I were planning to have a baby. It had been four days since I had last ejaculated and the slightest thought of sex felt arousing. My wife laughed. Tonight will be soon enough. My wife laughed again. As often as we can for the next couple of days. I felt horny the rest of the day. That evening we went out for dinner to celebrate our first attempt at making our baby. When we returned home it was already after pm.

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I grinned back as she pranced into the bathroom to clean up. My wife was already in bed with her book when I had finished in the bathroom. On the way to the bedroom I fished some candles out of a drawer. When I arrived at the bedroom door with my wares my wife looked up from her book and smiled. I returned her smile and then, after throwing my clothes over the back of a chair, I started setting up the first candle.

I finished lighting the first candle and started setting up the second one. As I did I reflected on what we were about to do. We were going to create a life. By the time I had finished lighting all the candles, I had a full, hard erection jutting outwards and upwards from my loins. My balls felt heavy and full of sperm. I turned to look at my wife as she lay reading on the bed. It was a warm night so she was on top of all the sheets and blankets; only the bedspread had been turned down and moved out of the way.

She was wearing a thin, white cotton nightgown that went down to just below her knees. Her long black hair, which she kept in braids during the day, was hanging Erotic insemination stories about her head and shoulders. My cock throbbed. I stepped forward to the edge of the bed and my wife looked up from her reading again. She took in my body and my erection in silence for a moment.

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I nodded. Right now I almost feel like I could cum just looking at you! She smiled and reached up to stroke my stomach. I climbed into the bed as she put her book aside and turned out the light. The room was plunged into candlelight. Lying back, she put her arms around me and kissed me. It was a warm, gentle, and lingering kiss. I touched her cheek. Her eyes were sparkling. I kissed her again in response. I nuzzled her neck. We kissed and made out like teenagers. My wife loves being kissed and I knew all her pleasure spots.

I pressed my erection against her belly as she caressed my body with her hands. I reached down and began to stimulate one of her nipples through her thin nightgown. It was very erect and as I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger my wife gasped loudly. I continued pinching and rolling her nipple and she nodded, eyes closed.

I pushed her gently onto her back and, with my other hand began to give her other nipple similar treatment. She threw back her head and moaned softly. After a few minutes I paused and touched her nightgown. My wife nodded and, sitting up, she quickly pulled the nightgown over her head and threw it on the floor. She tossed her head slightly to shake her hair down and it spilled over her shoulders across her breasts. Then she slid off her underwear and lay back on the bed completely nude. My wife was very beautiful. Her eyes were a deep brown — — almost black, and her skin was relatively dark as well.

Her Erotic insemination stories were medium in size, but firm and pert. They were topped with brown, chocolate colored nipples, which, at Erotic insemination stories moment, were very erect.

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She also had excellent muscle tone for she worked out regularly with weights. Her abdomen was taught and the muscles in her arms, legs, and back could be seen beneath her smooth skin.

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She had a thick and luxurious mane of black hair, which draped in sensuous waves over her shoulders and breasts. It was as black as the night and yet it seemed to glimmer in the candlelight. Like the hair on her head, the hair between her legs was also very luxurious. She had a large, thick, tangled mat of curls covering her labia, pubic mound, and the lower part of her belly. I lay down beside her and we kissed deeply and passionately. She writhed on the bed pressing her body against mine. After a few more kisses, she threw one of her legs over my legs and hooked her foot against the back of my thigh.

Using her powerful muscles, she pulled me tightly against her; I could feel my cock burrowing in her lush bush. I replied with similar thrusts letting my erection slide over her belly.

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She smiled. I wrapped my arms around her torso and with a powerful heave I rolled her over on top of me. Aggressively I licked her neck all Erotic insemination stories way down to her shoulders. Occasionally we kissed, mouths open, our tongues darting against each other. Her black mane flowed over us. Her nipples pressed against my chest.

Her legs straddled me with our loins only a few inches apart. I began to lick her breasts. I caressed them with my hands, cupping them and stroking them as I licked. I spent time first on one breast, and then after a few moments, I went to the other. Back and forth I went with a relaxed, sensuous pace. I nuzzled the skin around her armpits, taking in her sweet, musky odor. I caressed the undersides of her breasts with my fingers sending shivers over her body. I let my tongue dance over her skin leaving a warm, wet Erotic insemination stories as it went.

I used my hands to stroke her body from her shoulders to her belly passing over her breasts smoothly as I did. She stopped stroking my cock and just held on to me as her excitement grew. She was panting. I could smell her genitals plainly. I knew she was wet with arousal. Her eyes were closed as she relished the sensual pleasure of having her body stroked and touched.

I sat up slightly so that my hands could roam further. I caressed her hips, her abdomen, and then her thighs. I moved a little and let my hands slip down her calves and caress her feet. She lifted and spread her legs slightly to make it easier for me to stroke them.

I brought my hands back up her legs slowly. As I passed her knees, she gasped and spread her legs widely, lifting her feet off the bed for a moment.

Erotic insemination stories

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