Fallout 4 robot shaun

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. If you are still doing the trash doodles could you do one of sole introducing Father to Hancock?

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Bad sketches r still up, I'll just do 'em reeaaaally slowly. Only Fallout characters from now on, tho. No more OC's! It was in that moment up on the rooftop, as they looked out at the Commonwealth, she knew. The man before her was not her son. They may share DNA, but the boy she had hoped to find was long gone.

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Replaced by this man with no compassion for the world she had been traveling and fighting for. Dreams of teaching him to ride a bike, hearing his first words, showing him how to play baseball are gone.

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Instead a boy raised by doctors and scientists. IDK why fallout 4 got me so emotional but it did and I love my sole survivor Marge so much. After the Institue is destroyed, the mechanism that was preventing synths from aging or reproducing was destroyed with it. Therefore, synths, after the main quest can grow old and have children.

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This is mainly because the idea of Synth Shaun seeing all his friends and family dying without being able to die himself makes me really really sad. Then instead of reaching out to his terrified and lost parent thrown into post apocalyptic chaos, he watches "as a sort of experiment" to see if he will come find him!

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That was the moment I decided fuck this. Shaun is not my child, blood be damned. Insitute be damned.

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Such a fun prompt this week, thank you!! Just kidding, it only eats kids, goodnight!

Fallout 4 robot shaun

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For The Love Of Fallout — How would Nat and synth-Shaun get on if Sole and