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New Vegas. I have NC on the burner until I'm really ready to dive into another big quest mod frontier kinda filled that hunger for right now.

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Edit: Links. Also it should be noted that you'd be best off playing them in that order as much like Someguy's mods Th3Overseer's mods connect together and things you do in mods can affects things in newer mods.

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There's also Hope lies which is technically more a companion mod than a quest mod however it does have it's own short quest attached, but if you included Willow in your list then Hope Lies would certainly fit too. The former is a pretty standard dungeon crawler with some spongey enemies. The latter is a sequel that takes place a year after the first one that you need only play the if you want context on the characters and is a more long trek over America.

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Its another self contained dungeon but with some impressive work done. New Vegas These are the ones I've done.

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He has a bunch of them that apparently link to each other. Play em in order, they link together and unlock additional dialogue and some minor quests. I haven't finished Milkman but it has a big quest.

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