Fill me in meaning

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People often use this phrasal verb to fill in to describe giving someone a quick, informal briefing about a meeting, event, or other occurrence that the person should know about. It comes from the expression fill in the blankswhich originated in the s.

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The word blanks in this idiom stands for unknown information and fill in means supply the missing information. By the s, the shortened version, to fill someone inwas common as well.

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Usually this idiom appears with an object pronounlike fill me infill him inor fill you in. In this dialogue, two employees are discussing a meeting that one of them cannot attend.

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Deanna: Apparently, there will be a very important meeting tomorrow morning. I just got an stressing how important it is to attend. Emily: Really? If it is so important, they should have told us earlier. In this dialogue, two friends are discussing a social event that one of them missed.

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You see, what happened was—. Your wife filled me in. I heard about the family emergency that you had to deal with.

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The phrase fill someone in means to tell someone about something that he or she was unaware of.

Fill me in meaning

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Can you fill in for me?