Forced nail painting

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This past weekend, one of my male roommates came home pretty drunk. I happened to be painting my nails at the time, and he asked me to paint his nails he specifically wanted his nails to match his new watch. Thinking he wouldn't leave the polish on long, I didn't bother to put on a clear coat. He kept the polish on through the weekend and went to work today with his nails still a lovely shade of burgundy. This is his Facebook status right now:.

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This status has lead to a conversation in the comments between him and other female friends of his, discussing colors and anti-chipping tips and such. Burgundy is too girlie of a color for my hubs per him but he has let me do blue, black, neon orange and neon yellow. I do mine, my 2year old daughters and his at the same time, so its a bit of family bonding time for us.

The fiance and I don't work in a place where we can have painted nails but I paint his toes every so often and I'm hoping he lets me continue to do so even after it warms up and he starts wearing flip flops.

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May I ask what is the difference between Manglaze dat name I remember the first time I did my nails. I watched Pocahauntus and painted my nails a deep shade Forced nail painting red. I thought I was the prettiest boy in grade four :. It's nice to hear about men breaking gender norms. My nephew 5 asks for his nails to be painted sometimes, especially if his little sister 4 gets hers done.

My mom will paint his pinky something like white, and my step dad and brother-in-law flip their shit every time about how "men don't wear girly shit" and "you're making him a sissy. Point of note: my step-dad's method of making me not a sissy was to deny me access to doctors when I needed it and throwing things across the house stuffed socks, mini records to "toughen" me up. My brother-in-law isn't quite as bad, but verbally, he's an ass, and I hear it come out of his oldest son 10 all the time.

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To a videogame Spiderman villain: "Why you wearing a necklace? Necklaces are for girls you sissy! Why do men have to be so insecure about their masculinity that they have to push it onto others? My girlfriend's father didn't like that his grandson liked wearing necklaces. My girlfriend's son didn't care- he was just having fun. When he was 1 or 2, he also had a baby doll that he carried around and called his baby. He's fine. This guy sounds pretty adorable. There is always something so charming about a guy who has no interest in staying within his gendered constraints.

One of my friend sometimes applies makeup on her boyfriend just for the fun of it. I definitely second your comment.

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I have wanted to paint my toes forever. My daughter painted mine while she was painting hers about 2 months ago. I touched them up to make them look pretty. I love it!! My wife thinks that I am turning gay because I want to have pretty toes. I told her no I just want to have pretty toes. I wear flip-flops out and about and no one says anything Found the internet! Just a cute story about my male roommate and nail polish. Posted by 9 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. This is an amazing idea. Us men can make our own manglaze.

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Forced nail painting

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Why do women paint their nails? ​Clue: it has nothing to do with men