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in. This is an explanatory essay.

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The people I will debate with know who they are and will approach me freely. The people I have no intention of discussing this with are likely blocked. Know which you are. First, a content warning: There will be discussion of rape, violence and abuse as they exist in the series, and as they are discussed in the fandom.

Please leave at this time if these topics will cause you harm. Se c ond: I will discuss Pearl as primarily white, but occasionally Asian. Garnet, Bismuth, Jasper, and Sugilite are also going to be discussed as Black-coding. Lapis and Peridot will be discussed as specifically Asian-coding. Pearl is explained above.

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Steven, Greg, and Rose are white. They are undoubtedly white. Steven Universe has been, from the beginning, doing a poor job of displaying Blackness, Black women, and Black femmes, both in their own rights, and in relation to the non-Black and non-Black coding characters around them. East Asians, white women, and Black men are not a replacement for good Black women writers.

Steven Universe has NO Black women writers, despite having so many Black and Black-coding women characters, and that is likely a good start for the explanation of why they have repeatedly, since the start of the series, failed to properly represent Black women. The first 10 episodes see very little Garnet to begin with. In the meantime, Amethyst is painted as the lazy, slobbish, loud, childish Gem who literally eats garbage for fun. Three of those four terms are common negative stereotypes of Black women.

However, Amethyst is at least painted as a whole person with a distinct personality and outlook on life, which is more than we can say for Garnet. Some assholes have pointed out that Garnet seems very sexual because she touches her hips a lot, but how could she not…they run past her shoulder span. The very few Black characters that do exist in shounen anime are commonly depicted as brawlers; this means a LOT of fist, hand and knuckle weapons.

Garnet is the newest addition to that family. For this section, I want to begin by pointing out some canon features of fusion. Pearl is the ballerina of the trio and when dancing, Amethyst is forced to take on the dance role Garnet steven universe fanart would normally go to a male dancer:. Amethyst takes this role both times we see the dancing leading up to an Opal fusion.

Garnet and Amethyst both get a heaping helping of the Jezebel Stereotype before we even get to see Sugilite. To top the trashcake off, the two of them together become a huge, highly aggressive, out of control Black girl…voiced by Nicki Minaj, who was, around the time of this episode airing, being slammed for putting a sexual image of herself on her album cover. Oh, but it gets better. Not only is Sugilite the most out of control angry ratchet Black bitch, but who is the only Gem that could possibly control her? Naturally, the delicate lily Pearl. Regardless of whether you code Pearl as white or Asian, there are a million problems with this narrative and Black women have gotten a hearty smack to the face.

The most blatantly daunting part about this episode is that this subduing of a large Black woman is considered a way to make Pearl better as a character and a person. This is one of the bigger reasons why I find it so strange that people consider Pearl Asian; this narrative of needing WoC to suffer to solve problems is one done so often with white women.

Witches of color are constantly maimed and murdered to improve the three main white witches. And of that highly sexual, inappropriate union that Steven should not be allowed to see, is born the pinnacle of the meanest Black girl stereotypes. But is this painted in any sort of positive light, this smooth blend of two Black girls?

Contrast with Opal, who is somehow perfectly controlled as long as Amethyst and Pearl can tolerate staying together. But the piece de resistance of fusion between our main three gems is really Sardonyx. Truthfully, this section can be aimed both toward Opal and Alexandrite as well as Sardonyx. All three of these fusions are demonstrated as viable, usable fusions, and all three contain Pearl.

Meanwhile Sugilite, made of just two Black girls is as Garnet succinctly put it, benched. In other words, banned. And so Pearl gets her shot, finally. This dance annoyed me from the beginning because until the moment that Garnet actually needs to touch Pearl, her dancing actually leans feminine! But our Black girls can never be more feminine than Pearl, nor can they even be neutral around Pearl, and so it is merely natural that they be forced to Garnet steven universe fanart on masculine roles just for Pearl.

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The first is during her only solo song, during her fight with Jasper. We all know what Jasper looks like. Aggressive, much more so than Garnet or even Ruby individually have ever been. And, as long as she knows her place where Garnet steven universe fanart is involved. If you know a little about linguistics and the history of the Southern US accent, you know that it is actually an interesting offshoot of British accents. More disclosure: My father is Creole, from Louisiana. There is a history concerning US Creoles, and how the term eventually referred to a certain group of part-white Black people, who ended up more educated and in better situations than those around them.

To make that unfortunate implication a full blown problem, the entire narrative around this appearance is full of horrible colorist references that are not ever resolved…period. Short history lesson: Mulattos in the US have historically enjoyed multiple benefits over Black people without any white heritage. They formed exclusive clubs wherein you needed to pass the paper bag test to be allowed in, and through those clubs helped each other gain access to education and money. They were often given more education as well, and after slavery was over, being mixed or part-white became a mark of status for Black people.

This is still true today.

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In order:. Sardonyx conveniently can turn her torso degrees on a pivot much like a lazy suzan. It is not even vaguely a compliment, but instead a way to distance a person from their Blackness and revel in a perceived closeness to whiteness. She also drops contractions, which is often associated with appearing extra brilliant. Continuing directly from the insult, she goes on to provide a list of words that she feels describe her, with the implication that Sugilite is the opposite of those things. Naturally, the list details Sardonyx as a highly intelligent, scientific, elegant and beautiful being.

Unlike that ahem…other fusion. Pearl controls Opal. Pearl…mostly controls Sardonyx. Pearl is the feminine brain without which our two masculine Black girls cannot hope to maintain control over a large scale fusion. We know that smooth fusions become one person, one personality, like Garnet, like Sugilite. The line between Gems is blurred to the point of irrelevance. We also know that poor fusions polarize and have a lot of trouble staying together, like Malachite, like Opal, and like Sardonyx.

Why does Sardonyx switch accents? Her demeanor and speech both switch mid-line while she is talking to Steven, and though it does eventually balance out Garnet steven universe fanart favor of Pearl, you can see that divide fairly clearly.

So why is it that the smoothest, most natural fusion is painted as bad, while these fusions with Pearl are the useful options? Why are stressful fusions painted as better than a pleasant one? The entire tone around her is even more nauseating when you consider that Sardonyx only has three appearances; one where she insults Amethyst, one where Pearl is raping Garnet, and a third where Garnet is forcibly revictimized and left with only two choices; fusing with Pearl again or dying. Pearl is even allowed to exert her white victimhood while Garnet is trying to tell her how hurt she was that Pearl would betray her so completely and utterly; Pearl has needs, you see.

She needs someone to tell her what to do. She needs a replacement for Rose, and as the new leader, Garnet comes closest to that dominance Pearl desperately craves. And Pearl is swiftly forgiven. In fact, Garnet moves on as if the rape was a minor setback, despite having been so emotionally distraught that it is the only thing short of being physically forced by a new Gem weapon that we have ever seen split Garnet.

The second part of this essay will go into Bismuth, and why I finally had to Garnet steven universe fanart my foot down and quit this series. Pro software engineer and game developer. Creator of TransLawHelp. GayKidKeyblader on Twitter.

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Why Garnet isn't a Fusion (and other fusion stuff that isn't nearly so important)