Getting a babysitter for the summer abdl story

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Post a Comment. Saturday, 4 January Getting a Babysitter for the Summer 5. Chapter Michelle turned the corner to go down the hall and slipped and fell. Mom was right behind her. After Michelle fell she started sobbing. Mom picked her up off the floor and brought her back into the family room. Shh Shh it's ok. MIchelle kept crying with her head up against Mom's shoulder. I sat there watching this so called 17 year old cry like a baby. Mom started to pat Michelle's bum and rocking her, trying to calm her down.

Finally Michelle stopped crying. Mom set her on her feet in front of her and said, "Now I think you owe Sarah and I an apology. There was no reason for you to say what you did and then run off, throwing another temper tantrum. Mom picked Michelle back up and said "Lets get something to eat, then I think it's bed time for you. You have had a tough day, haven't you? She sat Michelle into a chair. Mom then pushed the chair up to the table.

Mom went into the cupboard and took out some crackers. She took a few out of the box and put them in front of Michelle. Michelle picked up a cracker and started to eat it.

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Mom went about getting dinner and i set the table. Mom and I sat down to eat once Mom had gotten everything made. After we started eating Mom said "Sarah when we are done eating I am going to call Mrs Walker from across the street to see if she can look after you two for the rest of the week, well I am at work?

Why can't we just go with you to work? Or why can't I go with you to work and Michelle can go to Mrs. Walkers'" I did not want to go to Mrs. I use to have to go there after school and wait for Mom to get home from work. I had not had to go there for a few years because Mom changed daycares and I could walk to the daycare she was at now from school, as it was right around the corner.

I don't think that would be fair to leave Michelle with Mrs. Walkers by herself. You use to like going to Mrs Walkers after school. You guys will have fun. It was bad enough you made me go to that stupid daycare today. If you could only prove that to me, I might think different. The way you have acted today there is no way I would leave you alone in my house.

You are not calling your Dad now. Michelle stood behind the chair and yelled "No. I want to talk to my Dad. I want to go home. Sit your little butt down and finish your dinner or you are going to be sorry. I am not staying here any longer. Michelle turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Mom had gotten up out of her chair. Mom reached out and got a hold of Michelle's arm. If you don't sit in this chair right now.

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I will go find you a different chair to sit in. Mom almost lifted Michelle off her feet when she swatted her butt. Your Dad told me to treat you like the way you are acting, so that is what I am going to do. Sarah can you go out in the garage and bring in the highchair.

Little Miss two year old is going to be sitting in it until she finishes her dinner. I am leaving this place. Let me go. Do you need a real spanking on your bare bum, instead of over your diaper? Leave me alone. Mom started to pull MIchelle's pants down, but before she got them to her knees Michelle said "Ok.

I will be good. Now get over here. I did not even realize there was a highchair in the garage. I have not been in the garage for quit some time. I got up and went to the garage door. I opened the door and had to think where the light switch was. I found the switch and turned the light on. There was an old couch, a couple of chairs and all my old baby furniture.

I am not sure why Mom would have keep all of this for so long. I spotted the highchair in the corner. It was white with little bears in all different colours printed on it. It was covered in dust. I tried to wipe and blow some of the dust off. I picked it up and made my way back to the door. I carried it thru the doorway. It was a little heavy and hard to carry but I managed to get it into the hallway.

I got into the kitchen with it and there was Michelle standing in the corner crying again. Mom came over to help me with it. She pushed the chair that Michelle had been sitting in out of the way and put the Getting a babysitter for the summer abdl story in its place. Mom went and got a wet cloth. She wiped the chair down cleaning it up. She then pulled the tray off and set it on the kitchen table. She then adjusted the straps.

No sit down and finish your dinner. Mom took Michelle by the hand and led her over to the highchair. Please, I will be good. Mom pulled the straps up between her legs and around her waist. She then took the tray and put it back on top of the highchair.

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Michelle cried out the hole time, "No. Please I will be good. Mom took Michelle's plate of food and placed it on the tray and said, "Now eat. You are not getting out until you finish all of it.

Getting a babysitter for the summer abdl story

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