Ghost adventures spoof

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Known for their comedic turns in Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Deadthe real-life besties will play ghost hunters in this supernatural horror-comedy series for Amazon. They'll also write the show, which is the first project from their new production company, Stolen Picture. Speaking with Inverse back inFrost revealed he and Pegg were working on "something a bit special.

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Truth Seekers was officially announced back in January and Amazon picked up the show last August. In a statementFrost had this to say about the collaboration:. Truth Seekers was teased a bit during a Comic-Con Home panel in July and it's finally got a premiere date scheduled.

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Truth Seekers will premiere on Friday, October The Amazon series will consist of eight half-hour episodes in Season 1 and will land just in time for Halloween. Spooky indeed. Truth Seekers follows Gus and Dave, two part-time paranormal investigators who track and film their ghostly findings — complete with homemade gadgets — and stream it to an online audience.

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However, the longer they continue to investigate, the more creepy their adventures get and they soon find themselves trying to solve a conspiracy that could put the whole world in danger. At long last we have our first look at the upcoming Amazon series and it's pretty hilarious. Check out the trailer below!

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Truth Seekers does not yet have a scheduled release date. This article was originally published on 7. Mae Abdulbaki. Updated: 9. Originally Published: 7. Nick Frost and the cast of 'Truth Seekers'. Julian Barratt as Dr. Peter Toynbee. Related Tags TV Shows. Mind and Body.

Ghost adventures spoof

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