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My 1st public appearance was on international media! Having it go viral over night was a surreal experience. I woke up to 2 million views, thousands of dms, and thousands of s. I never expected in my wildest dreams for the docuseries to reach so many people around the globe. To find out my little corner of the internet actually spans globally, just makes me want to work harder then ever to continue to be the best representative of our community in the public eye.

Thank you all. Too many sleepless nights have gone into the creation and upkeep of OGFeet.

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It goes far beyond being a cute lil model and taking fun tiktoks. Channel 4 news, UK loved to story of OG's journey so much they brought me to gether with a talented cinemaphotographer to breathe further life and build OG's legacy of confidence and inclusion.

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I didn't realize when I started OGfeet how political the space is that I was entering. Many companies will weaponize their platform against us, allow us when convenient, and put holds on our money. It used to upset me to my core, but now i have accepted that as a part of the business world.

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I will only work with brands and peers that hold our same level of unity freedom and acceptance. You might have noticed some major changed to the site, let me walk through some of the big ones! We have culled older clips from OG, Only the cream of the crop will be good enough to make the cut. Also mini seasons will be taking over, this will give you more bang for your buck while also giving some consistency to film scheduling.

Speaking of Scheduling! Dispite my best efforts to allow all women on my platform freely I have found it best to keep my models and site close to my chest, so to speak. If youd like to model you must be able to travel to me, and film in person with me, each time.

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Just added to your cart. Continue shopping. Close search. The new og This world is always changing, but so are we! However, somethings always stay the same.

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This is OG. Seasons Of OG. Consumed by Goddess toes 5m. Sale Sold out. You've Been Staring at My Feet 10min. Random pair of smelly socks. Skater Girl Mini Season. Dash of Domme Mini Season. Bewitched self worship 6m. Super sweaty soles count down 6m. Post Jog toe sucking 5m. Sticky Sweaty Soles 3min. Hippie Rock Goddess Mini Season. Sativa's Sexy Sock and Shoe Strip 3m. Internet Princess Mini Season. Blonde goddess sativas perfect toes 2m. Sativa Skies mind blowing self worship 5m. Bratty Doll Mini Season. Foot play for the day 2m.

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Stinky socks. View all. Many Good changes! Every season is some how better than the last! Idk how she does it! Works of Art.

Girls and feet com

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