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Birthday: August 3 Age: 36 Years36 Year Old Females. Sun : Leo. Born Country: United States. Born in: Houston, Texas, United States. Height: 5'3" cm5'3" Females. City: Houston, Texas. State: Texas.

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She initially shared her personal paranormal experiences and ghost hunting trips to graveyards, but soon focused on her other interests of fashion and beauty. Following her recent collaboration with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, which revived her channel ificantly, she began posting more interesting videos on subjects closer to her. The Famous People. Zodiac. Famous People ». Popularity Index. Vloggers Beauty Vloggers Fashion Vloggers 9.

Continue Reading Below. Recommended For You. Logan Paul. Jojo Siwa. Mr Beast. Corpse Husband. Image Credit. American Women. Texas YouTubers. Leo Youtubers. Rise to Stardom. Ironically, it was a car accident that gave Grav3yardgirl a new direction. She met a serious accident in and injured her hand, which Graveyard girl boyfriend her unable to pursue her primary interest of sewing. She had a long history of suffering from depression and felt directionless following the incident. She was encouraged by a friend to watch YouTube videos to lift her mood and was inspired to launch her own channel by the end of that year.

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Female YouTubers. American Vloggers. American YouTubers. She had always been quirky and different, which sometimes subjected her to bullying. However, she decided to showcase her quirky interests by sharing spooky, paranormal stories with her viewers on her channel, 'Grav3yardgirl', which she coined from an M83 song that she liked. The channel immediately found a niche fan base of gothic and emo teenagers from around the world. Nevertheless, she gradually shifted from paranormal videos to fashion, beauty, shopping haul and more, and later admitted that while she used to go and sit in the graveyard often, it was not the greatest feeling.

Female Fashion Vloggers. American Female Vloggers. American Beauty Vloggers. Interestingly, by mid, she had amassed nearly 3 million subscribers and had become one of the highest earning beauty vloggers on the internet. Revival of YouTube Channel. Despite earning over 8 million subscribers in just about seven years, Grav3yardgirl witnessed a sharp decline in viewership in early as most of her new videos registered k to k views instead of the usual millions of views.

Shane Dawson, another popular YouTuber who had ly gone through a similar experience, reached out to her with the offer to help with her situation. Immediately after visiting her home, he realized that she had a lot Graveyard girl boyfriend hide from the public eye and did not want certain rooms or locations to be filmed.

He understood that she had been leading a dual life which could potentially ruin her social media career. While he agreed to her conditions, he was determined to bring her out of her shell and implored her to talk freely with the camera turned off.

After he successfully got her to Graveyard girl boyfriend about her insecurities, it was revealed that she was uncomfortable showing off what she had achieved, especially her materialistic treasures like a closet decorated with ornate chandeliers and filled with expensive clothes and accessories. She feared that if she showed off or talked about her achievements, she will lose everything. Dawson was able to convince her to be authentic in her videos and be unapologetic about being herself, which she eventually did and revived the old charm of her channel.

American Fashion Vloggers. American Female Beauty Vloggers. American Female Fashion Vloggers. Leo Women. She does not like her birth name and later legally changed her name to 'Bunny'. She even went on to block users who had posted her real name in the comments of her video. She has been in a longtime relationship with fellow YouTube star 'DogMan' since They first met while performing in a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' and soon began dating. On February 15,she shared a picture on her Instagram flaunting a ring on her finger and mentioned it as a Valentine's Day gift.

They live together in Pearland, Texas, and he often appears on her videos. She also owns a cat named Boris and ly had another named Mancat. Follow Grav3yardgirl On: Facebook. Recommended Lists: Instagram Stars Top Short Male Athletes. Logan Paul American. Jojo Siwa American.

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Mr Beast American. Corpse Husband American.

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Graveyard girl boyfriend

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