Horse fuck stories

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We fuck the horses Written by Plainprettyongenre zoophilia Tina and I been friends for sometime. She was open and honest about her feelings, I am too but not as Frank as her. We were staying the weekend at her boyfriend little ranch, while he was working in Europe for the week. We just finished showering and was kicking back on some real Caribbean rumcream, dressed in our bathrobe. Tina started reminiscing about her man Jake, Wondering aloud if he has his dick in some chick pussy, she was always thinking about his black cock, they love each other and was always snuggle up, kissing or some ass grabbing.

As she sipped and talk, I was horny, wishing I could be fuck.

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What about you? She asked Then she said, Jake got those horse in the stable. I was surprised at her, let's go We got to the stable and I pretend as if I didn't know what to do, come on Tina said you want big dick, here's the giant one. I told her I want to be video, so I started to seduce that shiny black horse, give him a treat of sugar ball on my hard nipples, then I rubbed my nipples talking to him, how I wanna suck his big cock, and how I will let Horse fuck stories cum in my mouth, if he be good to me, I could sense Tina getting horny I know her anything dirty talking get her arouse.

I slowly stoop down, then caress the horsy stomach, and his monster was coming out oh my gosh, I wanted it hard inside me, but as I had promised the horse, I got down and start to suck I suck some more and feel a slight pushing, yes he was getting ready So I position my tight pussy to take him with Tina videoing and assisting me.

He was charging hard into my pussy almost pushing me over The black horse was getting ready for that thrust into my pussy that felt like I was bursting but it was so delicious as he charged into me I was yelling and screaming for stop then pleading no, then more, I can sense the black horse was into satisfying me, as I wanted to please him one more rammed into my pussy and the hottest Horse fuck stories hit my womb, flooding my womb with the sweetest warm sperm then I was holding onto his huge cock as my pussy walls gripped onto that cocky as it subsided in me As I scream my orgasm the other horses was turned on and Tina was already sucking him off and calling oh Jake I was horny all over and began to stroke my breast scooping the cum off Tina's body who came around as I place my pussy over her I know we will do some girl stuff after watching the video.

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Horse fuck stories

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