If my heart had wings kanako route

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Have you ever wondered what it might feel like if your partner was a bit younger you, but looked ten years younger? Do you wish that the special person in your life would refer to you using honorifics only? Was your answer to either of these questions yes? Asa only s the visual novel half way through after the club has been formed and Amane has left the Soaring Club. She initially arrives at Flying Fish Manor with her sister, Yoru, as a way of trying to live away from her wealthy family, experiencing life for herself.

It is convenient then that when the two arrive, the glider also needs to find a new home — and they just happen to have a hangar to house it. The cost? Membership in the Soaring Club for Asa. Before I talk about the romance in this route, I want to talk about some of the aspects that distinguish Asa as a character.

Compared to all of the other characters in the story, Asa has very few special talents to distinguish herself from a crowd. Ageha is practical, Amane is intelligent, Kotori is obnoxious and Aoi is a boy. More than any of these things though, Asa struggles because of the comparisons we are invited to make between her and Yoru, literally identical in looks, but far more intelligent and supported by her successful and demanding family.

It is suggested by Yoru to Aoi that her sister sees the world differently from most people. Flying is, of course, the way in which Asa shows her individuality and by finally taking to the skies, she seems to eventually gain the freedom she is desperate to gain.

Now for the romance. This can basically be summed up with Aoi is stupid. However, for the sake of having both routes, Aoi is allowed in fact forced on the first play through to pick Asa with no real consideration as to why he does that.

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There is a fairly interesting moment orchestrated by Kanako that le to the decision being made but otherwise, I found the early stages of this romance unbelievable and dull. If I found the early stages of the romance unbelievable, it would be fair to say I found the later part of the romance ridiculous. And as it adds zero content to the story, or character development, I would recommend avoiding these scenes entirely.

The romance feels forced and unbelievable and the adult scenes are just plain wrong.

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If my heart had wings kanako route

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