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I got the job and the whole modelling thing just kind of exploded after that. I decided to send in some pictures to Playboy because why the hell not? They called me to model just as I was starting to work on my masters. Ivanova remembers having to take off time from school to shoot her Playmate cover, as well as attending classes the morning after a late shoot.

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But it was more than worth it if only to have a killer career to fall back on. Homeland Security would have been a dream job. I stay up late.

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All the time. Early morning photoshoots are very difficult. My brain works best from 2pm to 2am. I think I would be working in the video game industry. She brought me up and to this day gives me the best advice. Being a Playboy Playmate was definitely the most amazing experience of my entire career. I was just a normal girl from another country and my life was forever changed by it. I like to sleep in, spend time with my dog, and watch Netflix. My dog is a Pekinese, one of those dogs with the flat face.

I have cats with the same kind of face, all my animals look like they ran into a wall! Back to Culture.

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Iryna Ivanova Speaks 3 Languages, Has Her Masters, and, Oh Yeah, Is a Playboy Playmate