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Alana Stewart dishes on Farrah Fawcett, describing her as a down to earth woman who loved her family. Jaclyn Smith is remembering her beloved co-star and friend Farrah Fawcett 10 years after her death.

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She was ABC via Getty Images. We were not just actresses working, but girlfriends and it remained that way for 40 years.

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When we went to Hawaii for the season opener, we had guards around the clock. While Fawcett left the show inSmith insisted there were no hard feelings between the women. She marched to her own drum. And once she was accepted as an actress, she went back to Playboy and posed at 50 years old. From a serious actress to a sex symbol again.

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There was never a boring moment. And that relaxed her. We must have talked for three hours about our lives, about our children, about growing up in Texas. The time I spent with Farrah at the end was the best because we appreciated the friendship.

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I miss her every day. Eating lunch together. It was an education and it was eye-opening because each girl was so unique with her own personality and style. And these are my friends today. That bond is what I really remember. Farrah Fawcett, circa

Jaclyn smith playboy

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