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This week we share rare and unpublished photos of Jean taken on the set of the film. But, there is no The film switches genres and styles, mixing absurdist and realist elements. It was entered into the 24th Berlin International Film Festival, where it polarized audiences due to its subject. During the screening, there were protests, with people shouting, and someone turning the light in the auditorium on and off.

Undoubtedly, Sachs, whose remarkable fantasy film gives indications of a new direction in film storytelling, is influenced in his structure by the synthesis of reality and imagination of Fellini, Resnais and Bunuel.

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Yet this style has been further developed. We will be hearing again from William Sachs.

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He has it in his hands. She told us she had happy memories of it, and wanted to see it again. Sadly we were unable to oblige: The film has been considered lost since it was first released.

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The only known copy is a sub-quality tape that director William Sachs himself owns. However Bill has kindly sent us the following stills of Jean Jennings taken on the set of his film. This is one of the great missing films from the s.

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I would love to see this as I have looked for it everywhere ever since I was a boy in Torino and saw the poster for it. I hope that the exposure from this article will mean that it is found soon! Keep up the amazing, breath-taking work! Anything with Jean Jennings is welcome. It took a while for Americans to warm up to Vietnam-theme films. I remember when the price of gas went UP to 26 cents a gallon.

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People were livid. I was quite taken with her. She was the first woman I ever saw with a blonde bush. Thank goodness that you have interviewed so many of them so that their stories and the history is preserved…. Talk to your connections and undertake a real effort to re-release the film at Sundance, TIFF and elsewhere… audiences these days readily welcome such material. Or did you?! Yours in health, Matto.

Jean jennings actress

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