Kate from teen wolf

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Like her father Gerard, Kate is bloodthirsty, deadly and cruel, taking pleasure in hurting any werewolf she can. Kate is also very rife with sexual innuendo, using her sexuality to her advantage. Despite her cruelty, Kate was close to her niece Allison, whom she gives a necklace which depicts a wolf for her 17th birthday.

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In the past, Kate also had a sexual relationship with a younger Derek Hale simply to betray him and set the Hale House on fire. Kate is later killed by Peter Hale as revenge for the Hale Fire, slashing her throat.

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Kate lacked control over her shapeshifting, leaving a trail of bodies behind her. Kate was instinctively drawn to La Iglesia, the ruins of an Aztec temple which worshipped Tezcatlipoca, the Nagual-jaguar god. With her werejaguar status, she found and gained control of a pair of Berserkers giving herself muscle and protection.

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While in hiding, Kate discovered a cassette someone had anonymously left her; the tape revealed information about the Hale family, specifically their artifact, the Triskelion which was used by the Hales teach their young control on a full moon. Needing to learn control, Kate decided to acquire the Triskelion, which lead to her kidnapping Derek. Kate faced off against Peter angrily, but smoke bombs were set off by an unseen figure. In the chaos, Kate escaped and called the Berserkers. She kills multiple hunters, but she is defeated by Derek, in his new full wolf shapeshift, severely mauling her and being shot by Chris with a yellow monkshood laced bullet.

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Kate from teen wolf

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