Kissing a guy with a beard

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It's literally been years since the "lumber sexual" i. But the hipster facial hair trend isn't dying out anytime soon. Even Eminem has a beard now.

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So when Scott, one of our favorite dude writers, decided to grow some facial fur, it made sense that he was curious about how this new look might affect his sex life. So he enlisted the help of a fellow lady writer, Danielle, to break down her thoughts on getting it on with a bearded guy. Naturally, she had some questions about what it's like to do it with a face full of fuzz. Danielle: This is kind of in line with the whole, "does size matter? Is there an ideal length and thickness to the perfect beard? Sure, we've all got our preferences—and they run the gamut.

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But really, the perfect beard is the one that the guy we really like has on his face. Cheesy, but true. However, I would have to change my moves if I had stubble because that can be abrasive. Once the stubble grows out, this is less of an issue. Danielle: What does it feel like when someone touches it?

Is it similar to having hands run through your hair? Danielle: It depends on the beard. Like you said, if the guy takes care of it and it's super soft and well-conditioned, it's kind of like rubbing your face on a fur pillow. If not, it's like brushing your face with a dollar store broom—not that I've rubbed either of these items on my face before. Scott: What is it like to have a guy with a beard kiss you versus a clean-shaven dude? Danielle: Kissing clean shaven guys is easier in that you're not up against this added barrier to get your face on their face. But that face-to-beard contact that comes with kissing a bearded guy has that rugged manly feel that definitely gets the juices flowing.

Danielle: For me, it's like a stimulation overload in a good way if he knows how to do it right. It's like sitting on a bear-skin rug without pants on. You know, if that rug also had a tongue.

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Danielle: Single women, myself included, like to put parameters on what they think their ideal guy would look like. It could be an aesthetic preference or just that they haven't taken the bear-skin tongue rug out for a spin yet. Historically, I've gone for guys without beards. But if I was vibing with a guy who had one, I wouldn't cut him out of the running just because he had hair on his face.

I think a majority of women who claim a beard to be a deal-breaker would follow suit. Danielle: If you were dating a woman you really liked and she wasn't into your beard, which one would have to go? But there is a fine line between that and acquiescing to whatever they want me to do, including changing things about myself.

I learned this the hard way during college when my then-girlfriend gifted me a Diesel watch and an Ed Hardy T-shirt, which are really not my style. But I think that it has potential, especially since I live in Brooklyn where for some reason and I realize this is a generalization the female population seems to enjoy a good beard.

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I actually grew a beard in hopes I would get laid more often after some female friends suggested it might be a good look for me. But pretty much everything I do and every decision I make is at least partially motivated by a desire to have sex more often. Danielle: How long should a girl wait when she's dating a bearded dude for it to be acceptable to start touching it?

Danielle: What's the best thing a woman has said about your beard after experiencing it up close and personal? The most hilarious? The worst? Scott: Best: There was a woman I was in like with and she just straight-up told me she liked my beard. She broke up with me for other reasons, though.

The worst comment came unsolicited from a random drunk girl at a party I was at recently. This article was originally published at Women's Health. Reprinted with permission from the author. in. YourTango Experts.

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Kissing a guy with a beard

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