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The year-old multi-talented actress, model, and dancer is multilingual. Later she will attend the Collegium Marianum grammar school in Venlo. She began acting in and has had a successful acting career, as evidenced by several film auditions. In she won the prize for best actress at the Locarno International Film Festival and another prize for best actress at the Marrakech International Film Festival.

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In the same year, she also acted in a theatre production entitled Mary Magdalene directed by Van Wayb Traub. The beautiful redheaded actress has no known spouse, boyfriend, or husband.

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There was once a rumor that she was supposed to have married a long-time friend, but this has not been confirmed by Lotte Verbeek or any other credible source. Nothing is known of her love life except her love of animals, especially dogs.

She is most likely concentrating on her career and thinks that a relationship at the moment could hinder her progress, or because she is too damned beautiful to be single, she probably has a spouse but wants to keep it hidden at least for the moment.

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Not much is known about her family background and upbringing either. All that has been said in this context is that she grew up as an only .

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It's a wrap! What a precious experience this was. To be given two wonderful characters to play in the most intriguing script, floating between the real and surreal, working with such talented and lovely people, from all these different countries, speaking many languages, shooting in a magnificent castleā€¦ how lucky am I!

Lotte Verbeek has a fairly active presence in social media; with over 50 thousand followers on Instagram and Twitter. Although she occasionally posts pictures from her trip to various cities, her Instagram posts are mostly work-related. Her Twitter is more interactive as she takes the time to answer questions from fans and share her personal thoughts. You can follow her on Instagram via the handle lottevebeek and on Twitter lotteverbeek1.

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Lotte Verbeek is 1. Her body measurements are. Image source. View this post on Instagram. Who is Kaycee Rice?

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Lotte verbeek feet

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