Male foot slave stories

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I wanna see your face turn red from the stink. We started out as friends, but somehow I became his foot cleaner. It started in September. The both of us wanted to try out for the football team. Being a good friend, Adam ed up with me. He never cared about sports, so I appreciate how he wanted to play with me. Once tryouts started I began to see Adam shine.

I, on the other hand, was fumbling from either nerves or lack of skills. Everyone loved Adam while I was treated like an idiot. Am I just…not good enough? Weeks later Adam became the star quarterback. He was the talk of the school and had girls all over him. I should be where Adam is. Now all I do is serve the team by giving them water and doing laundry. One day after practice, Adam and I walked back to his place in the blazing sun. I am perfectly fine but Adam is drenched in sweat.

I have him Male foot slave stories his arm around me for support and can immediately feel his armpit sweat seeping onto the back of my neck. He really is sweaty. We arrive at his place and Adam gets comfy on his couch. He lays down with his shoes on while I stand at the end of the couch looking at them. Do you have any idea how much I want to be you? He uses his left hand to take off one of his shoes and says the words that crushed me.

I will never be as good as him so why bother. I accept my place and inhale his stench. He smells like a man. A winner.

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A God. Maybe this is how it Male foot slave stories be. I was born a weakling and he was born a man. I close my eyes and embrace the stink while stares at me with a cocky smile. He stands up and flips me off before shoving his sweaty foot in front of me. Even my toes are wrinkled. You know your place. Clean them. As my tongue glides across, I can feel the wrinkles in his feet caused by constant sweat. Even still, I try my best to clean his feet. This worked out perfectly. Now that I have you I may never wear socks again. He works his toes through my tongue getting out the dirt and sweat left in between.

I am an object to him. He pauses for a moment and spits all over the top of his foot. I run my tongue over the tops of his feet weaving through hair and spit before licking over the tips of his toenails. I obey and nibble on the underside of his nails with my teeth. The dirt and sweat made me almost gag. I deserve this though. It is my job to serve alpha men like this. It is my job to watch them live my dreams. As I clean the last Male foot slave stories his toe nails, I fall on the floor catching my breath.

So, Adam and I still remained the best of friends, however, I was to be his foot cleaner any time he wished. My master is also my friend. He may be living my dream but when I taste the sweat and dirt after every game, I start to forget about it entirely. I think Adam and I will be friends for a long time.

Sergio was my older cousin and I always had a soft spot for him. They had the idea to have Sergio live at our house for the week. This was perfect as that meant he had to sleep with me in my room. I would often watch him run up and down the field imagining the sweat that must be sloshing around in his cleats. Today I would get the honour of tasting it.

His game started after school and since I was walking home with him I decided to stay and watch him play. As the game progressed I could see that his hair was wet with sweat. His uniform was so wet that it stuck to his body revealing his abs underneath. I wanted nothing more than to clean him up after with my tongue.

After the game ended Sergio walked up to me with his suitcase and soccer bag in hand. His reply for some reason made my dick twitch and I got an idea. I scream as he rubs my face around his wet pit. What does that make me? We finally arrive at my place and walk up to my room. He waits till he gets to my room before he slides his dirty cleats off.

I wanted nothing more than to stay there and inhale the ripe scent of his shoes. He walks to the bathroom which is connected to my room and shuts the door.

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As soon as the door closes I run to his cleats and put them to my nose. As I take a big inhale I can smell every step he took on that field. It smelled like sweaty teen boy mixed with a little bit of dirt and rubber. I put my mouth on the heel of the shoe and tilted it up like a glass of water. I quickly took out the insole and dropped the shoe. I started sucking on it making sure to lick each toe imprint thoroughly.

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As the toilet flushes I quickly put the insole back and lay down on the bed with a pillow in hand to cover my boner. His dark green soccer socks looked absolutely disgusting. You could see the dirt on the bottom creating an outline of his sole. They had 5 brown imprints on them outlining his toes. The rest of the night is pretty uneventful until bedtime.

I only offered that because I wanted easier access to his cleats. As a compromise I suggested we sleep head to toe.

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He seemed okay with the idea which brings me to now. As Sergio sleeps soundly in my bed. My eyes are on his perfect socked feet. I slowly lean in careful to not make a noise and press my nose between his toes. My nose seemed to fit perfectly as his toes wrapped around it. I inhale the scent of his soccer socks and feel true bliss. My heart starts racing as I stick out my tongue and lick dirty fabric of his socks. I can Male foot slave stories dirt falling onto my tongue along with the delicious taste of his sweaty feet.

My heart stops as I look up and see Sergio sat up in bed looking down on me. My dick hardens hearing him be so cool with what happened. I peel off his socks and they stick to his feet leaving plenty of sock lint behind. My heart starts racing so fast as I realize I get to clean his dirty, sweaty feet. I extend my tongue to his heel and start licking up to his toes.

I open my mouth and wrap it around his big toe sucking on it taking off all the dirt, sweat, and sock lint with it. I poke my tongue through the crevice of his toes where most of the dirt ended up. As I lick I can feel my mouth becoming gritty with dirt.

I am truly his dirty foot slave in this moment. Sergio is enjoying having me clean the dirt from his feet. Once I get my tongue through all his toes I open my mouth as I try to fit all 5 toes in my mouth.

Male foot slave stories

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