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Follow Mike Usinger on the Tweeter at twitter. Isn't Jagger's penis briefly viewable in Performance? I think it is, and as I recall - without getting into the whole showers vs. Definitely one of the sillier articles I've read on the Straight. The personal comment about "In related news that no one really cares about", was completely unnecessary.

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It all comes down to how cold it was at the time of viewing. Even the most massive shlong will undergo serious shrinkage in response to low temperatures - it's a biological fact! The whole premise of size is nonsense unless he happened to have some medical condition BTW Townsend is gay?! The thought of him sampling jagger's wee willy wonka is revolting.

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How many refernces to"meat wands","joy prongs"and the like have you used over the years? Most in comical terms but one wonders. Remember,"long and thin,just ain't in. We got in each other's way in the isle, and met eyes when you were at the cutting table and John Lucas Jul 18, at pm Maybe Bowie will step in and be the tiebreaker. I thought I saw it in Performance, too. Looked good to me. Fairly hefty. Get daily newsprebuys and contest updates.

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Pete Townshend suggests Jagger's puny penis is actually a massive meat-wand