Mixed girls with blue eyes

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Well, because all babies are born with blue eyes, right?

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Feast your baby blues upon this fun fact: Worldwide, more newborns have brown eyes than blue. And there are plenty of infants gazing out at their new surroundings with hazel and brown eyes, too. In fact, a Stanford University study involving newborns found that nearly two-thirds of them were born with brown eyes, while only about 1 in 5 babies arrived with blue eyes. The Stanford researchers also noted, however, that the majority of babies in the study born with blue Mixed girls with blue eyes were Caucasian. Those of other ethnic groups, including Asian and Hispanic, were more often born with brown eyes.

The white part of the eye is called the sclera. What gives an iris its color is a natural pigment called melanin, a protein secreted by special cells called melanocytes. Blue eyes mean there is little melanin in the iris. Though remember, ethnicity also comes into play — so some babies will produce more melanin than others. More on that in a second. If a little more melanin makes its way into the iris, their eyes will look green or hazel. A lot more melanin means brown eyes. These are the brown eyes that greet so many smiling parents. A blue-eyed person has brown pigment in the back layer only.

As light enters the eye, most of the light is absorbed in the back layer, while particles in the spongy middle layer stroma scatter the remaining light reflecting back out of the eye. Most of that scattered light that gets back out is blue light, giving blue eyes their color. Those influential melanocytes are also hard at work in hair and skin, giving them their colors, too. More melanin in your system means a darker complexion. This explains why people with darker skin tend to have darker-colored eyes, too. But there are always exceptions. Acclaimed African American actor James Earl Jones, for example, has blue eyes, likely the result of having ancestors of European descent with blue eyes.

Eye color often changes during the first year or even longer. That means your blue-eyed newborn may have brown eyes by the time they take their first steps. The genetics are somewhat complicated. But in simple terms, two blue-eyed parents, for example, are more likely to have a blue-eyed baby. But there are no guarantees.

Likewise, parents with brown eyes will usually produce a brown-eyed child, but not always. The eye color of a grandparent can change the odds a little. While it was once believed that parents with brown eyes could not produce with blue eyes, it can — and does! Melanin determines several aspects of our appearance. And while we have the least amount when we enter the world for the first time, remember that babies may be born with eyes of blue, brown, hazel, green, or some other color. You may have heard that babies have more bones than adults.

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Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, M. The science of eye color. Blue, brown, or green: All are beautiful.

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The myth stops here. Parenthood Baby. Are Carrots Good for Your Eyes? Read this next. What the Latest Science Is Saying About Breastfeeding Mothers Using Cannabis Experts say the science still isn't clear about the health effects on infants of cannabis in breast milk, so they recommend new mothers avoid the drug.

Mixed girls with blue eyes

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Are All Babies Born With Blue Eyes?