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Catathreniaor nocturnal groaning, is a relatively rare and undocumented parasomnia, in which the subject groans during their sleep — often quite loudly. This disorder is long lasting, and seems to occur nightly in most people. It can occur during any stage of sleep, but seems to happen with the most frequency during REM sleep or deep sleep.

This also may tie into the contention that it occurs mostly during deep sleep. Contrary to snoring which occurs during inhalation, groaning occurs during exhalation, and one groan can last as long as 30 seconds.

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The groans are usually succeeded by a snort or sigh at the end. Groaning usually comes and goes in stretches, with any one stretch lasting as long as an hour. Groaning is not related in any way to sleep-talking. It has also shown no connection to general breathing problems or sleep related breathing problems, any abnormal brain activity or mental disorders, or any other sleep related disorders in general. What causes the groaning in people is still a relative mystery.

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The groaning bears no connection to any mental anguish or dream state the person may be in, a common misconception. Though people in these states have been known to make small groaning noises, they are not related to catathrenia. Other sleep related groaning type noises that could be misinterpreted as catathrenia include some types of snoring, and the moaning noises that may be made during an epileptic Moan my name generator.

People with catathrenia usually have calm facial expressions and peaceful sleep despite the noise. The easiest way to distinguish snoring from catathrenia is that snoring occurs while inhaling, and groaning while exhaling. Most people with catathrenia are not bothered by their own groaning, and will not rouse due to it, though it may be quite loud and potentially sleep disturbing to a bed partner.

Most people with catathrenia will not even be aware of the disorder unless told by a bed partner, and likely will not believe the partner when told. Groaning appears to affect more males than females, and can start at any age. It appears in most cases that the groaning remains for many years.

Subjects may wake up with sore throats the next morning, depending on the extent of the groaning the night before.

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If the disorder is causing distress to a bed partner, the easiest course of action may be for the partner to wear ear plugs while sleeping. If it is decided to have a doctor look into it, they will need to know to the best of your knowledge when the groaning started, any medications you may be taking and any other sleeping disorders you may have. There is some thought that medication use may cause catathrenia in some patients, but there are no statistics to support this yet.

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You may be asked to take an overnight sleep study to give the doctors a sense of the severity of the groaning, and to help detect any other sleeping disorders that may be present. As catathrenia is considered separate from other disorders, and unrelated to any other medical issues, this may be unnecessary.

There is limited data on effective treatment plans, but there is some evidence to suggest that positive airway pressure PAP may be beneficial in limiting the frequency and ferocity of catathrenia. It is believed that catathrenia occurs most often during the rapid eye movement REM stage of sleep; however, there are studies that have found it to be present during all stages of sleep. It is not the same as sleep apnea or regular snoring, as the person often wakes up feeling fully rested, even though their bed partner will probably not say the same.

Catathrenia is a condition that is more bothersome to a spouse or bed partner than it is to the individual; however, there are some cases where the person will awaken with expiration due to oxygen desaturation; therefore, many studies have suggested this condition may be a feature of Moan my name generator breathing. With its inclusion as a parasomnia into the International Classification of Sleep Disorders Diagnostic and Coding Manual ICSD-2 about a decade ago, catathrenia has made its way into the sleep medicine nomenclature, but with much debate about its causes, treatments, and background.

One study, done inwhich was published in the journal, SLEEP, was performed to try to determine if catathrenia was a symptom of sleep-disordered breathing or a condition all on its own. Researchers also wanted to determine if literature was correct in reporting that CPAP continuous positive airway pressure was a viable treatment option for someone with catathrenia.

CPAP is the primary form of treatment for someone with sleep apnea or sleep-disordered breathing. In this particular study, which was performed at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic, seven women between the ages of 20 and 34 years with an average BMI of less than 25 were studied over a period of five years. Each of the women or their partners had reported ongoing, long-term sleep groaning.

All participants in the study underwent clinical evaluation, sleep questionnaires, physical examination, an overnight sleep study, a log provided by their sleep partner for 10 days noting when and how long the groaning occurred, and craniofacial evaluation looking for septal deviation, structure deformity, turbinate enlargement, etc. Groaning was present in all stages of sleep, which was relieved in all participants who used CPAP.

Five of the women elected to undergo surgery, only three of which followed up after the procedure and were given additional oral appliance treatment. All three women experienced ultimate resolution of catathrenia more than three years later. It is still unclear what causes the nighttime groaning or who is more likely to suffer the condition. Some studies found that there was a similarity in cases concerning the size of their jaw all patients have a small jaw. Since catathrenia is not a particularly dangerous condition and is not associated with the development of more concerning health problems, there has been very little research in the way of determining origin and treatment options.

It is notable that the studies mentioned in this article are very small scale, with a group of people who were otherwise healthy. Further research will be needed to determine best courses of treatment. On the other hand, Dr. Roxanne Valentino of St. Thomas Center for Sleep recommends some ways to help bed partners deal with catathrenia.

These include:. Hello, Actually what made me get to know about this condition, us my neighbor who groans the whole night. I thought she is stressed or heartbreak and do on. I have always had this. I have tho moaned so loud that Moan my name generator wakes me. So I can tell I do it.

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I always felt it was cuz I was so relaxed. The arthritis issues started in my mid Moan my name generator. But his snoring bugs me so think we even. I have been told by friends who have experienced it that I spend much of the night moaning and groaning and crying out, and the only suspect I have so far is spasms due to severe arthritic pain, which may occur during the day as well. Very often my hands and feet are severely cramped in the morning. I would very much like to know if this has been studied. My husband recently told me that I was moaning and groaning in my sleep.

This started about 6 months ago. He said that the moans and groans are very loud and sounds as if I am having sex and he is constantly accusing me of having sex with someone else. Before this, he told me that I was talking in my sleep. He had a stroke and still does not have full use of his right side. I work a full-time job and have to come home to cooking, cleaning, dispensing meds, helping to shower, etc.

There is no extra time — not even for me to get a proper night of rest. Thanks for listening. I have a hard time dealing w it and use earplugs and sleep in another room. I dislike it extremely but love him. I worry about it. This arrival helped thank u. I was also wondering if it was something to do with my sleep. Did your friend find out what it was? My fiance has just recently moved in with me about a month and a half ago and he has told me on several occasions that I make a moaning sound in my sleep.

Not to mention talking in my sleep and the snoring I was aware of the snoring but not the talking and moaning. I have noticed the majority of comments here state that they start immediately when they fall asleep, same as I do. But seems like every article claims it begins in REM which is longer into the sleep cycle. I do suffer from anxiety and depression along with bipolar disorder and insomnia. But I feel like there may be some correlation with mental disorders and Catathrenia.

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I could be wrong. So he can fall asleep first. I hope someone has some insight on how to improve this condition. I was completely unaware I was doing this and now that know I wish nobody would have told me. He does not know he does Moan my name generator things but I am losing sleep over it and go into another room about three times a week. Would the medical face mask help him? He has one but has not used it yet.

What should he do? I am afraid of getting hit bad in the head. Been experiencing this sort of thing for years. But everyone around me gets to hear it at night. Hopefully a good solution comes out soon. My buddy makes horrible monster like groans and growls just as he is awakening in the morning. It actually sounds like a possessed demon escaping from hell. Is this Catathrenia??? I do I get help for my friend and myself?? I have developed this over the last 3 years. I am almost My husband hears it not me so much. I used to have asthma but grew out of it around age I have noticed I breath through my mouth at night.

The only things that have helped are to not eat after 7 or 8pm and to avoid all caffeine including chocolate. PS- my grandmother had this too. Steve: I have exacty the same, only worse; impossible fr anyone to sleep bear me OR next rooms even with door shut. They are sure I somehow suffer or am in a terrible, terrible pain, or dying! I have asthma and apnea caused by terrible working environment, it started soon after I ed it. My breathing stops for a long time, they say, it looks as if I am in a nightmare.

Of course I am in none of these situations, at least I cannot remember terror or fear or stress in my sleep.

Moan my name generator

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