Monogatari teeth brushing

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Hide Up. Forum Settings Monogatari teeth brushing Information Forums. Nisemonogatari Episode 8 Discu Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Nisemonogatari Episode 8 Discussion. Available on Manga Store. s 15 « First That Precure reference killed me! The part where he strikes a pose and says 'I can't believe this! It's the same pose as the main characters in Futari wa Precure, and 'Arienai' I can't believe this is a common saying of Cure Black.

Oh, and the toothbrush scene was pretty hot. Never thought I'd get a boner from toothbrushing. Wow so that was the infamous toothbrush scene I have witnessed humanity's apex in terms of cinema. That was clearly the greatest thing ever. Also Karen is HotAF. Boltz said: There is a difference between desire and actual execution. The desire is always greater, but sometimes we just like to keep it at that, without going any further.

I'm sure Araragi would never actually touch his sister and Karen would kick him in the balls if he got too close. It's just an erotic mind play, where Shaft is playing with your head, so that you can't distinguish between reality and fantasy. Well, that was basically 22 minutes of smut. At least it was entertaining smut, with all the different visual effects and Tsukihi walking in Karen's biggest concern being "You can't buy awls at the convenience store! Only continuing to watch this so that I can get to the good bits - Monogatari SS or whatever.

This made me wonder if Nisio has any sisters, and what they would have thought of this episode.

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This was definitely I found this episode to be weird but at the same time I felt it was a parody of the incest genre lol. ature removed. So I have finally witnessed the source of the infamous toothbrush scene with context Ok, we'll see where this is going. Interesting how Shinobu and Karen follow the same lines of logic, or did the writers just become lazy? This series have been a major disappointment after Bakemonogatari and this episode is the pinnacle of this disappointment. I guess this is one of the deeper ends of anime LOL.

The music choice was perfect. I was laughing through the whole thing, because everything was so exaggerated. We also got a new OP! I hate fan-service. I really do. This is like an evolved form. What did I just watch? What did I just enjoy? Love me some phallic imagery and incest lmao Meh, I ship it. I wonder if Gahara would mind her boyfriend making out with his sister using toothbrushing as a pretext. Although it was completely jacked up, I kind of get where the episode was going The human ego is a strange little thing. We have inhibitions for a reason XD What really made me roll though was when Karen wanted two more rounds of the "game" and Araragi was all like "hell yeah".

They were even gonna take turns oml. Not like they Monogatari teeth brushing any real lines yet though aside from being too into it. There's a fine line between fantasy and reality, but it's still a line. Basically mind play, he is only brushing her teeth Like, anything could be sexual if you make it that way in your head! Music was perfect as well. All that dramatic orchestral stuff had me Monogatari teeth brushing the floor. This episode was so weird, awkward but the animation was really good.! Idk how to process that whole infamous toothbrush scene. I was laughing so fucking hard and at the same time having a lady boner.

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What the fuck! My brain. My poor brain. Karen just want to meet Kanbaru and this is the game Araragi was pertaining to. What the fuck. The whole scene was fucking genius and insane at the same time. I can't. I just fucking can't.

Then Tsukihi's face when she saw those two on the bed. So, they had sex? Incest is wincest? What the fuuuuuck! My poor fucking spleeen. TheDoggoneGirl said: Fuck! Big breast are full of dreams, but small breast are full of hope. No, no, really!

Somehow I knew this episode thread was going to have a ton of posts wtf did I just watch I might never brush my teeth again I know I already commented this episode before, but it's so good it deserves another post of mine to reaffirm it's greatness. God bless Nisio and his fetishes. Breaking bone!!!!! LOL what a hug!!! That new intro is great like this tooth brush scene which is now burned in my mind for eternity! I Monogatari teeth brushing how this could be toppedbut I don't think that anything will suprise me anymore after that.

I have finally experienced the fabled toothbrush scene. I witnessed a loli spill from a cartridge and somehow retained my sanity. Oh yes the famous toothbrush scene. Watched this episode 5 times now holy shit. I can't believe this show just forced me to watch toothbrush sex. LAPX said: I can't believe this show just forced me to watch toothbrush sex. That was. The name Dental Sex suits it. But seriously,does getting your teeth brushed by someone make you all that horny??? So we finally got to THAT episode lol Tsukihi's facial expressions once she walked in were fucking hilarious. Do you even know what a hero is!?

For example, you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat, but the hero will distribute it among the people! I want to eat the meat! That would've been amazing. I was Monogatari teeth brushing to see Tsukihi catch them, but then she left.

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I'll just have to keep watching. This isn't the Bakemonogatari series that I became a fan of. Why are they pushing so much incest and sexuality upon us? There is next to no story now. I'm really not sure if this was genius, or just really fucked up. I'm feeling like I just ate my own vomit after watching ep. Blahhwww I'm disgusted at this, I'm loosing my taste buds as if rn, there was no need to exaggerate the erotic scene between a brother and sister, I loved the plots and character devlopment up till now.

I myself am an aethiest, so I have no grudge against most religious restriction or accommodations. But when Araragi go up to karen and bout to grope her bewb I'm just like "ffs this is unnecessary, mayb some pervs actually enjoy this. Yesterday I ranked Bake 9 star, thinking how the anime will get so much more interesting as it goes in, but I guess I'm forced to stop here, sorry no sorry.

My definition of weird Monogatari teeth brushing updated.

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This episode was What is Utsu Musume Sayuri, Nami, and a few others near that?! Honestly, what the fuck was that? No but seriously that was great. Well I finally got to see the in famous tooth brushing scene and I was not disappointing.

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Monogatari teeth brushing

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