Mowing lawn while pregnant

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My husband is the same way. I used to love mowing the yard, but once that stick said positive I have been banned. He wont let me do anything strenuous or could cause some kind of threat to me or our. I was hanging a picture and he completely freaked out! Said it was way too heavy and I was using muscles in my stomach and didn't know it Love that man.

Its annoying being told we cant do something because we are pregnant, but I also have to remember its his baby too. As women we think we protect our child by carrying it and providing the nutrition for it. Men cant physically do that, so they take care of us and things that we normally do while not pregnant, so that we are in tip top shape to take care of baby. I don't think he is overreacting. I think, he's being protective of you and your. I personally think that's a wise choice I didn't want to offend you earlier,but my husband Mowing lawn while pregnant right about not realizing how much our bodies put into certain activities.

Hanging a picture probably isn't too worrisome lol, but if you are exerting yourself to the point of getting dizzy from the heat I would hold off. I could see where the vibrations from a push mower could put stress on a baby. Go for a walk instead if you are wanting to be active and get hubby to go with you Log in.

My. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! October Moms New Discussion. July edited July in October Moms. I use to be the one to mow the yard until a couple years ago when I went back to work and we hired someone. Well I'm no longer working and my husband had been doing it.

I sent him to the store and decided why not. So I mowed. I have to be careful getting to hot bc of my dizzy spells was passing out but not anymore. I mowed the front and half of the back before getting hot and dizzy so I came in to cool off. My husband walks in from store and flips Mowing lawn while pregnant couldn't believe I would do that. I feel like it was good for me to get a good sweat out and stopped when I felt like I needed to. Is my husband overacting? Should I not mow?

I didn't with my other 2 pregnancies bc we rented. Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Push mowing. July edited July I mow all the time. Like anything listen to your body, I avoid the large hills and take breaks if needed. Report 6 Reply. Loading the player LiveNLove44 member. July No one, including your husband, knows your body better than you do. I realize he is being protective and he knows your situation with dizzy spells better than anyone here, but it might be a slight overreaction considering you felt good enough about the decision. I'm a pretty independent person, so I also don't put up with someone telling me what I "should" do while pregnant.

I mowed the lawn all through my pregnancy with DD and I loved it. Do it at a good time of day so you aren't in Mowing lawn while pregnant hottest weather or peak sun. Have water and know your limit, as you mentioned, and take a break when you need one. Report 4 Reply. Thanks ladies I finished the back yard a bit ago. Maybe he'll see I'm alive and well and get over it. I thought it was fine but feels better hearing it from others. Report 0 Reply. Srhbgr member. Just something to think about from your DH point of view I was having dizzy spells on and off as well and, on days when I was feeling better, DH would come home and be very surprised at certain things I had gotten done throughout the day while he was gone such as carrying things up from the car to our 2nd floor apartment.

After some time he just flat out told me that he knows I won't do anything stupid but he'd really appreciate it if I did those things while he was around just incase I needed help. Maybe yours is feeling the same way. Now if I go to the grocery store or something I call DH when I get home and let him know that I'm going to be making a few trips up the stairs and then I call him when I'm all done.

His mom thinks it's ridiculous and over bearing, but I get it. And the fact that he told me about it and didn't just blow up helped a lot too. Report 1 Reply. I mow our yard, too!

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I leave the toughest section for my husband it's a stupid-steep hill! Glad to see I'm not the only one busting it out in the grass - I feel pretty baller mowing at 27 weeks preggo!

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Besides, I figure if I help out now, I can cash in those chips for when all of the leaves drop this fall and I can stay inside with the baby. Perks to delivering in early October is no leaf raking for me this year! Report 2 Reply. MrsN member. It's so funny reading about you ladies and your sweet concerned hubbies! I mow all the time, it's when I don't that I get questioned! We bought this big heavy dresser for the nursery that I have been working on refinishing lately and yesterday I mentioned to my husband that it would be nice if when its done one of his brothers could come over and help him move it to the basement as its heavy and awkward and he looked at me like i was crazy "I think we can handle it" he says!

Good thing I have been feeling well and continuing to stay fairly active throughout this pregnancy. Bless his sweet unconcerned heart, I think he's still a little clueless. He doesn't let me get away with much and I love him for it. I'd be snoozing on the Mowing lawn while pregnant all the time without him! When I first started passing out my husband raced to the hospital.

Took me home cooked for me and completely babied me. He did it for me with a cup. I do my normal routine around the house now but he isn't happy if I do any manual labor lol. He's very protective. I think it's really sweet mostly. Until he makes me paranoid that I'm doing something unsafe. I actually like mowing, but haven't had a lot of time to do much this summer.

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But the exercise is good for you, just listen to your body! Maybe it would out your husband at ease if you mowed when he was home?

Mowing lawn while pregnant

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