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InMr. Marcus, then known as Jesse Spencer, walked into an adult expo and quite intentionally made the acquaintance of a producer who was eager to usher him into porn. This fall, I walked into an adult expo and quite unexpectedly made the acquaintance of Mr. I was eager to meet him, and hug on him, and hug on him some more. Marcus has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I mean, seen. To top that off, he was nice enough to agree to an interview with me.

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While we chatted on the phone, I thought about his cock. I mean, the replica of this cock. When I inquired about his initial reaction to working in the adult industry, Mr. He experienced little pressure and says some of his most valuable moments involved meeting and experiencing new people, intellectually and sexually. When I asked what, if anything, his costars brought to the table that was inspiring or new, he spoke of intimacy.

He chuckled, I melted, and we moved on. Still, plenty of hurdles remain, from the mildly insulting to the downright disgusting. At his start, he was courted by black studios and did mostly all black scenes. One Mr marcus penis size even instructed his co-star to call him a nigger during a scene. In reference to race related changes in the industry and opportunities gained or lost, Mr. Marcus said that he had more control over his experience because he recognized and jumped on opportunities quickly.

I made a lot of mistakes. He had already undergone treatment and no other performers were affected, and he understands that his decision was misguided. His mistake earned him 30 days in prison and three years probation. The sexually adventurous will relate to his writing, while less experienced readers can learn new approaches to expanding their horizons. His second book, chronicling his personal experiences in porn, is due out next year.

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He collaborates with XXX Church, a group devoted to healthy intimacy and combating porn addiction. He has a great interest in informative film making and has scripted a TV show about the adult industry. A documentary is also on the table. His primary interest is opening up a dialogue about sex.

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He believes in safe, healthy, consensual, mind-blowing sex, and his new website, launching soon, will serve as his platform. When I brought home my Mr. We started with a little oral, which, even in light of the rubbery aftertaste, was fun for us both.

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It went understandably unreciprocated. I realized and shared Mr. Marcus is nine inches long and my thumb and middle finger struggle to meet around his shaft. And also, that vibration. Unlike most large realistic vibrators, it features seven functions. The first three are steady vibration at varying intensities. Assuming that person had his eyes closed. Being taken from behind by a toy suctioned to a wall is always an interesting treat. But when the aforementioned dildo is heftier than your average, a little control goes a long way. As a woman who owns her own sexuality and appreciates a good power shift, I carried Marcus back to the bedroom.

With my hips slightly raised, the gentle curve of Mr. Between its strong suction cup base, intense and complex vibrations, and full and fantastic girth, the Mr. Marcus vibrating dildo is not your typical toy. Between his unique perspective and astounding abs, Mr. Marcus is not your typical porn star. Between them both, I have but one complaint.

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The storage bag that Doc Johnson includes was made for a man much smaller than Marcus. Thank you, Marcus, for a good chat and a great time. I eagerly anticipate our future collaborations. Do yourself a favor, and get your Mr. Marcus toys here!

Thankfully, not all of my sexual experiences are solo, but[ Alright, you guys, you've earned it. You hung out while my[ Address. Marcus: Interview and Toy Review Collab. Blog Toy Reviews. Are you ready for Valentine's Day? All rights reserved.

Mr marcus penis size

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