My girlfriend made me wear a dress

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Bruce was a little taken aback when his girlfriend Kathy suggested he shave his legs and body. Now that he was hairless however she had a further suggestion to make; she wanted him to try on her panties too. She had just finished shaving his legs from the chest downwards and then in a quite matter-of-fact way she told him she would fetch some panties for him to wear. However, for Bruce, that was going to far.

She was wearing a white silk babydoll with matching French knickers and Bruce followed her across the room without even realizing. He loved it when Kathy wore sexy lingerie and whenever she did he found it hard to focus on anything else.

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Kathy dug around inside the drawer and pulled out a pair of tiny red lacy thong panties and held them up for Bruce. She came over to him and pushed the panties into his and then she stroked his face the way she did when she wanted him to do whatever she wanted. Kathy took the panties from his hand and then held them up in front of him like a sales person in shop demonstrating a product. Bruce felt his skin tingle with each touch of the feminine underthings. He knew she was going to get her way again and he groaned as he gave in. Kathy just stood back and watched with her arms folded and a smirk on her face.

But Kathy was already fussing with the panties, teasing them into place and adjusting the way they fit with a tug here and and a prod of her fingers there. In a few moments she was done and when Bruce looked down he was shocked to see that the panties fit perfectly and looked smooth and flat just like they would on a girl and that there was now no hint of masculinity at all. He unconsciously slid one leg slightly in front of the other in a vain attempt to cover the panties but the movement just made him look even more like a girl.

Kathy clapped her hands in excitement.

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Bruce tried to reach down with the intention of pulling them off but Kathy caught his hands and stopped him. After ten minutes he was used to the panties and stopped looking down at himself to see how they looked. Before long he was quite comfortable and even beginning to take on the feminine movements that panties seemed to produce in boys. His hands began to float about more and when he walked his hips had a subtle swing to them.

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As Bruce went to throw some onion peels into the garbage Kathy inspected him. He would be a fine-looking sissy by the time she had finished with him; perhaps one of the best she had ever done. Visited 6, times, 32 visits today. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

My girlfriend made me wear a dress

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My Girlfriend Made Me Wear A Dress