My wife the prostitute

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I was with my wife at an insurance company, we were sitting in his office when he informed us there was a problem. I was informed that the price would be higher than the original price quoted. I ask why, he said there was a problem with her arrest record. She lived in Baltimore, Maryland for some years before I met her. The insurance gentleman did not explain just turned the monitor towards me, I saw "Solicitation x5". I was confused until 5 seconds later when it dawned on me what that term meant.

I looked at her, she was embarrassed but did not say anything. I have 5 children with her and some things in the past have made me reconsider being with her now. Phone calls, no one answers on the other. She answers, then says abruptly " Wrong " Other s that you don't notice because you trust them. I am a good person who always provided for my family, never realizing that she was seeing other people. I worked 12 hr shifts, 7 days on, 7 days off.

She likes to flirt but never does it in front of me. I am tired of being untrusting, anxious, never being able to feel relaxed or truly happy. I want to leave and be done with the situation, my children are grown and know from things experienced in the past that she is untrustworthy. I do not want to hurt my children but I deserve peace and a chance to be myself again. Recently found a box of witchcraft books with some s opened more than others, like attraction spells, chaos, mind control spells etc.

I have had situations where I feared for my life I wrote about it on my and feel that I'm worth more dead than alive at this point. Her brother died of a disease that no one could diagnose. Her other brother has the same symptoms. My wife the prostitute am going blind but would rather be alone than be with someone whom I cannot trust. I need to leave within two days when it happens and cannot let her know or I may have an accident or be poisoned.

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Any suggestions? Who cares if she's into witch stuff. You're reaching. Did you talk to her about solicitation? About anything? Read my post, maybe you'll understand how serious it is. I have talked to her about the solicitation and other things that have happened. I am not one to sit by and take it, but I live in a place where the police take the women's word over a man's and she knows it. I am not going to be railroaded, so I need to leave completely. I have waited until my youngest daughter is a senior in high school.

I do not feel safe and I know if she finds out, I will not be around much longer.

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Here are some of the incidents: Woke up unable to breathe, she was a foot away from my face, strange smile on her face. Woke up and she was turning away fast from me, I had a powder or paste on my teeth. Caught her putting something in my coffee, She denied it. There was still a substance floating on the surface of the coffee.

I have several times in the past slept for two days, unable to wake up completely, could not think coherently and my words were slurred. I smoke a tobacco pipe, I noticed it was not in its usual place, I did not think nothing of it until I used it and now my lungs are damaged, I do not use tobacco anymore. I have had no illnesses except being legally blind and have always been robust and active.

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I have become an extremely light sleeper. Other women are scared of her. If you have not met someone who has a darkness in their heart then you will never understand.

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You may think I am a wuss and weak but I cannot leave my youngest daughter to the situation that will arise when I leave. She has said she would hurt her if I leave her. I believe her. So would you if you knew her. Women on Reddit know what each other is capable of. Are you implying that she killed her brother with If so that's batshit crazy as in, for believing that that is possible.

The incantations have little effect, but the material components drugs, poison seem to work. I'm not saying that she killed her brother, After reading about witchcraft and other religions, sometimes you give something close to you to get your ends met, sometimes it's chickens, blood, flesh, or an image of your sacrifice. I have found images and photocopied pictures of people who are no longer alive. I don't know if she placed them in that order before or after their deaths.

Somethings happen that you cannot disbelieve or disregard. You believe in certain things as truth, sun rises, rain will fall, you will keep breathing in the next moments, etc But there are times when that belief becomes strained, no one believes in ghosts during the day, stay in a strange place full of noises and moving objects then you are willing to adjust your perspective very readily.

I know one is not mine they do not have the same features as the others. That could just mean the rest have the same father. I have told her that I will request one if we My wife the prostitute divorced, because she has said that I will pay through nose in alimony. That is one reason I waited until now, Only one child under She is She is paid monthly payments as a result of a federal program related to my job as a federal worker. I love my daughter, it is not her fault, she is very perceptive and I think her and the other adult children know. I regret ever meeting my wife, but I do not regret my children.

They are the best people I know. I have thought about that, but I am retired on disability. The rent, utilities, food, etc, takes all my money. I also need to leave town and get as far away as possible. She will not divorce me and is very vindictive, she has said that I will be in jail if I try to leave her. I have thought long and hard about what I need to do. I told her brother, who is a pastor and he said He understood. He has heard stories about her from the community. Someone took video of her and her " friends" having sex, then put flyers up giving the online directions to the site.

They knew it would reach me, soon as I heard about it, I went and tore them down. She said she was drugged, not her, fake. I am a private person, this situation is humiliating. Found the internet! Found out my wife was a prostitute. Posted by My wife the prostitute years ago. Sort by: best.

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My wife the prostitute

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Was I right to pay for a prostitute for my husband?