No thank you bl game walkthrough

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It happened! It finally happened! BL is a genre where male characters romance other male characters. Despite what people may think at first, the genre is less targeted at a male audience though it does have male fansand more targeted at a female fan base. Saying that, No, Thank You!!! The reasoning is that No, Thank You!!! This caution by Manga Gamer is completely understandable, as the failure of Absolute Obedience and Enzai came down to poor sale figures in the end.

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The plot for this game is anything but simple or straightforward. No, Thank You!!! The premise is that the protagonist loses his memories in the accident, and so Kouichi kindly offers to repay his saviour by giving him an apartment and a place to work at his bar until his memories come back.

His colleagues and potential love interests dub the newcomer as Haru. Comedy does indeed play a part in this game. The humour is mostly centred around Haru and his very bubbly, very forward, nature. Comedy is not the only genre that takes precedence in this game, however. There are some very dark themes in No, Thank You!!! Watch out for hints and take note of those double-meanings. Those scenes where Haru plays happily with No thank you bl game walkthrough crow? Once you have finished one route, more is revealed on the second, third and so on.

Our protagonist, Haru, is an attractive young man surrounded by an unnervingly childish air. He forgets things very easily and has a very upbeat attitude. Are you in a bad mood? Bisexual and confident, he prefers to be the dominant partner in the bedroom.

The whole No, Thank You!!! Being forgetful may actually be a well-practiced convenience. The act of survival is something he values above all else, and the importance of happy memories is something he treasures close to his heart. Hiroyuki is both kind and honest, and is the first to befriend Haru. Not having the best of starts in life, Hiroyuki is especially grateful to Kouichi, who took him under his wing. Maki is the chef at the bar. He is one of two bara characters available in the game, his appearance being more evidence of reaching wider audiences and going beyond the more traditional BL.

Maki is a character that reveals very little in both body language and actual language. Speaking is a pain for him, and so he only ever says as much as he has to. Haru seems to bring out the impossible in Maki, although the route had a bit of a rocky start. The two also share some similarities that make them a smart match for each other. Introducing Glasses! Eh- I mean, Ryu Kurosawa. Neat and calculative, very few things shake Ryu emotionally. Enter Haru! Acting as front of house and main bartender, Ryu is definitely a workaholic.

This icy individual also has something motherly about him, expertly preparing homely Japanese dishes and knowing how to care for young children. Kouichi Inui is the second character with bara traits. This older muscle-man is the boss, not only of the bar but also of a of other businesses in the same building. At one point Kouichi even struggles with the uncertainty over incest. He is a gentle man, perhaps too kind at times, who definitely lets Haru get away with too much. He also has his own agenda that he is determined to follow, falling into some questionable dealings all for the sake of reaching his goal.

The art director for No, Thank You!!! Both artists have produced some stunning work. Crisp, clear images combined with rich colours, attention to detail and intelligent lighting effects, come together to make a beautiful game. Our attention is immediately brought to the two men centred in the image, the background smartly blurred with glowing lights to create that dream-like effect.

The clothing is so well deed that you can practically feel the texture of the cloth against their skin.

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The food is charred and glossy, looking deliciously edible. The colours in the background are bold enough to produce that feeling of a carnival, while not being so intrusive as to pull focus away from the couple. Shadowing works with creases and facial expressions, and everything compliments the happy scene presented to us like a cherished memory, the very thing that Haru and his creators wished to create. On top of that, each CG has a variety of changeable expressions, of smooth transitions that can change the atmosphere of a scene without changing the picture itself.

Comic panels and adorable chibis are all deed with the same high quality. The music in this game is quite special. A perfect example comes from the opening theme song of the game, with music and lyrics by Milktub and arrangement by Kyouichi Miyazaki.

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With such a catchy tune, this song is sure to get stuck in your head! There are also some very interesting staff comments in the game that hint to how certain sounds were created, especially in relation to the more, ah, labour intensive scenes… One voice actor describes how he sucked his finger to provide the needed audio, while another is described to use gel drinks for the same effect.

This sneak peak behind the scenes makes for some very interesting, and rather entertaining, reading. Other nice bonuses appear when saving, loading, quitting and starting the game. On a similar note, if you would like to hear audio samples from the characters, then be sure to check out the No, Thank You!!! There are a of clever technical doodars and smarty-pants mechanisms in No, Thank You!!! One such mechanism is the No, Thank You!!! Rather than simply leaving choices to text-based options, this feature adds another layer to the No, Thank You!!!

Choose carefully! By this I mean in relation to those more heart pounding scenes. You can choose whether you like your men hairy or smooth, along with how you would like Haru to climax. This mode also enables you to see snippets of what Haru is thinking when a decision needs to be made, providing a helpful bit of insight. Another convenient feature is that, when starting a new route, all text that you have ly read will be coloured blue. Voice collection allows you save those particular sentences that strike a chord in your heart, or, you know, strike something somewhere… These fully voiced pieces of text get saved to voice collection by clicking the blue button next to the in-game text box.

You can go back and re-listen as many times as you want, and with plenty of storage space, you can collect as many as you want too! Parade certainly made this game to please, but what happens if someone suddenly tries to look at my computer screen? Well, have no fear! No worries! The art is gorgeous, the plot is unique and interesting, the characters are a lot of fun and the configuration bonuses are like little gems. I enjoyed playing it. That being said, there are small aspects of this game that left me feeling cold, although that is hugely down to my own personal tastes, and I doubt other players will share my view.

Likewise the plot, although well written, but without any true happy endings, was a little bit too dark for me at times. I also rather hope that the next BL No thank you bl game walkthrough Manga Gamer brings out if they do bring out another will have slightly less muscle-men…. If you asked me whether or not you should buy No, Thank You!!! You can buy the game from the same. You can also check out my first impressions of the demo here.

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No thank you bl game walkthrough

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