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Behold, our unofficial strategy guide to overwhelmingly gigantic The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Here you will find everything you need to know about the game and was afraid to ask anywhere else. First, some technical stuff. As you may know from other texts about Oblivion, the game's world reacts to the player's progress and evolves with him. That means that you can actually beat the main quest without even bothering to do anything except it, 'cause if you don't level up your character, you'll be fighting some basic enemies over and over again to the very end.

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That le to the fact that we can't actually point out how many or what type of enemies you will be facing in certain situations. These factors depend on your character's level. If you don't want to "loose" time on leveling up, go ahead and endlessly fight Scamps and basic Dremora soldiers.

We didn't cover the things that are pretty obvious in our guide. There's no point in telling you exactly what to do in each dungeon, so we stick to the essentials. Hey, you're a gamer, you shouldn't feel like a fish out of water when you're deep underground surrounded by skeletons, now should you? There are a lot of bugs in this game. Bugs that keep you from completing certain quests, make objects disappear or NPCs talk rubbish.

Save often, that's the best advice we can give you. Every quest Oblivion break undies beatable under certain circumstances and bugs seem to appear randomly, so you might not have a problem at all when you beat them the second time round.

Your great adventure kicks off in a cell.

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Wait for the Emperor and his guards to come. When they tell you to back off from the door, stand by the window. Follow the rest through the secret passage. Don't engage into combat, the guards will do just fine without your help. You'll find a decent blade and a torch when you search the body of the guard that dies. When you reach the end of this level, you'll be left alone. Defeat some rats and go through a hole in the wall. Look around, you'll find some useful stuff here - lockpicks, a bow, an armor and some weaponry.

Search the dead goblin's Oblivion break undies to get yourself a key and use it to go through the door. Cross the dungeon fighting those rats one zombie will make his appearance as well. Try to get all the items, in this stage of the game everything is noticeably valuable.

You'll reach Natural Caves, where rats will be replaced by goblins. There's a mortar near the entrance, handy if you want to start training Alchemy. In a big room you'll encounter a few enemies including one priest with a fancy staff. When you pull the stone hanging on a rope, you'll unlock the rat pen below.

You'll meet back the Emperor's team on the next level.

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Uriel will ask you about your birth - it's one of the points when you continue to create your character. Choose wisely and follow the rest. Eventually, you'll be left alone with the Emperor. He'll give you the Amulet of Kings and tell you to take it to Jauffre, Blades' grandmaster.

Seconds later, Cyrodiil's respectable rules meets his end. Talk to Baurus. You can now choose your character's class. But Oblivion break undies, you must get out of here through the sewers. Go through the secret passage that the assassin used, and open the door using Baurus' key. Cross the water and go up the stairs, head for the exit. At the end, you'll be able to review the character creation process and make some changes if you want to.

Head to Weynon Priori and find Jauffre, give him the amulet. You'll get some new information. Now your mission will be to find the Emperor's lost son, supposedly stationing in Kvatch. If you ask Jauffre for assistance, he'll give you access to a chest filled with some goodies. Go around the priory and ask everyone the same, you'll get some additional stuff.

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The most important gift is a horse from Prior Maborel. When you reach Kvatch, you'll be told that the whole city is destroyed by forces of evil. Go up the path and meet Savlian Matius, local guard captain. He will ask you to close the Oblivion gate nearby. Agree to that, defeat some enemies, and cross the gate.

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Well, here you are. Go to the left and follow the path to the end. Watch our for enemies and some rocks falling from the cliff. To the right, you'll see some mean looking towers. Go towards them and enter the biggest one. When you're inside The Blood Feast, get rid of some enemies.

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Your goal now is to reach the top of this tower. Go through the door to Rending Halls. There go to the central room the one with fountain in it and use the door to get back to The Blood Feast. Go up and enter Corridors of Dark Salvation. Find the exit to Plane of Oblivion and cross the bridge to Reapers Sprawl. You'll hear a voice calling for help. Go to the top of the tower and you'll face a mini-boss - Dremora Sigil Keeper. You'll find a key when you search his body.

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Talk to the prisoner and go back to Corridors of Dark Salvation. Use the key and go up, finding yet another door to The Blood Feast. Enter the moving platform. Continue going upwards until you reach Sigillum Sanguis. Enter the central room in there and reach the top. Touch the Sigil Stone, and you'll find yourself back in Kvatch. Kudos, your first Oblivion gate is down. Go talk to Matius and tell him you're ready to enter the city. A short battle on the market square follows, nothing big after walking through hell itself.

Once you deal with all the monsters talk to Savlian and enter the Chapel. There you will meet Martin, the Emperor's son you are looking for. Tell him about everything and he'll gladly you back to Weynon Priory. There, it turns out the place is being attacked by the very same cultists that took care of the Emperor. You'll find Jauffre in the Chapel a small building to the right. Talk to him and go to Oblivion break undies office, when you'll find out that the amulet is gone. Talk to everyone. You will agree to go to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Talk to both your companions.

Oblivion break undies

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