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At first it seemed like a bad joke.

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It was impossible to believe, and not just for the normal reasons. Steele had a legendary morbid streak and was no novice at defying death. He seemed like a gothic metal Keith Richards, a guy who would tempt fate over and over and live to tell the tale. But on April 14,Steele, who had been sick in bed with the flu for a couple days, died at the age of Initially reported as an aortic aneurysm, his death was later confirmed to have been from sepsis caused by diverticulitis.

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Type O Negative guitarist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly were getting ready to rehearse with their doom metal side project Seventh Void when Kelly received the bad news. After he received the news, Kelly drove the rest of the short distance to rehearsal and told Hickey what had happened. We were both in complete disbelief. It was like the end of an era, man.

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The end of an era. While Steele was clean and sober when he died, he abused alcohol and drugs — especially cocaine — for years even though he was on medication for a heart condition known at atrial fibrillation, basically an irregular heartbeat. There are plenty of year-olds running around with it.

Who knows? There is a price you pay for being so big, too. Though he claimed he was shy and suffered from stage fright, he eagerly embraced his role as spokesman for the band. As such, he had a deep voice and was surprisingly soft-spoken but had a razor-sharp wit and a hysterical, self-deprecating sense of humor.

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The singer-bassist claimed to be a misanthropist, wrote sarcastic lyrics that got him pegged by some as a racist and a misogynist. That said, he was arguably homophobic.

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Get the fuck out of here! Still, those who knew him best remember his excessive behavior, whether writing music or engaging in day-to-day activities. Women, food, alcohol, he had to have mass quantities. He dreaded running out of anything.

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Whether a result of his unhealthy behavior or a symptom of his heart ailment, Steele was hospitalized on several occasions both at home and mid-tour. Even so, he rarely took care of himself and often put his sense of humor above his health.

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What are you doing home?!? It was a miracle. He went from being green in a bed to two and a half weeks later, we were on tour, and he was performing. Stuff like that was always happening with Peter. Grit, Guts and Glory. Tour Announcements Loudwire Nights. Jon Wiederhorn Updated: April 14, Back To Top.

Peter steele playboy

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Peter Steele