Rich dollaz and olivia

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While 50 is notorious for calling out people on social media demanding they pay him back the money owed to him, Olivia took a slightly different approach. According to Olivia, her former manager made money off her song and didn't pay her.

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In the upcoming Season 10 finale episode, we see Olivia sitting down with her other former manager Cisco and Rich to try to get to the bottom of the issue. The upcoming episode also features Phresher and his fiancee Jenn continuing to fight about Jada. In the cliffhanger clip, we see Jenn expressing her disappointment with her man when she learns that he went behind her back to meet up with Jada to discuss money.

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Aside from the money drama, we will also see some baby drama, when Erica Mena calls up Safaree Samuels saying that her water broke. She urges her husband to see her soon.

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It seems like Safaree has already embarked on his two weeks tour, for he looks extremely stressed and unhappy. We see the rapper double-checking with his wife if she is sure about her water breaking. Knowing Erica, it is safe to assume that the couple might have gotten into a huge fight over it.

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‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Season 10 Finale: Rich Dollaz tells Olivia why he doesn't think he owes her money