Sim bro cheats

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Return to Flash Projects. Users browsing this forum: Baidu [Spider]Majestic [Bot]. Advanced search. Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party Flash work. Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. Topic locked. The doorway sort of blocks most of the scene. Found it in it's early stages years ago when just Main Floor was available and enjoyed it!

Downloaded 2. The events are fun but I think I went bonko restarting the game over a dozen times trying to get into Alice's panties the "Official" way. I originally used the Cheat Engine to lower her dignity and was able to start pimping her out. Took her out shopping and knocked her up in the Dressing Room! Seeing her round tummy was delicious! But cheating kinda cheapens the victory and so I read up bout lowering her dignity the right way and have since played the game more or less the way it was intended.

I'd found the guides 5 steps to lowering Alice's dignity to 45 and have done so a dozen times. I'd seen during play on one game that at the end of the Helloween Event that Alice's dignity dropped 5 points! It's my belief after many restarts that that Helloween 5 point drop only goes into Sim bro cheats if I'd failed the Charm Check during the First Police Raid.

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Sadly Alice must remain virginal! My original post here I had went all out gangta and suggested a huge reconstruct or slash-add on for extending property to include such ideas as Tennis Court sex, Parked Car sex, Pool sex, Hot Sim bro cheats sex and Private Suite orgies. My limited suggestion post. Elf Ears Accessory -- Just using the Eye Accessory in game already instead of the limited hair styles available that have the ears.

Drag Girl To Shower -- Not sex, just clean that girl up some! No Condom Needed Now that you're Pregnant -- Why waste money on one now that the point is no longer moot! Extra Credit Suggestions 7. Cusomer's Condom Broke! I'm worried! Can you get me a "Day After Pill" please? That's Not My Baby! Dialog During Sex -- Different girls can say things that are particular to them or Sim bro cheats attributes. Tsundere can growl things like.

I like your style! You know exactly how to treat a girl! I've never seen one that big before! You're really wearing me out! Evelyn just stole money from customer! Jasmine just stole. Finally I have to possibly suggest my help with new hair styles. I don't know if you are taking any contributions of work but to me it looks like a lot more styles could be easily added and if I knew the format or size of art needed could make dozens of new styles quickly!

Just need to know if you have the need and what you want. Can give personal info if asked. Not applying for a job, just a hobby enthusiast! Can hardly wait for more to cum. Keep up the good work! I have other suggestions but not sure if any are really wanted or even looked at by development team. Feed back a plus guys! You have to pass a couple charm checks I think, and you need enough stamina.

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I've notably written for Corruption of Champions, as well as other projects to a minor extent. My alias is always IxFa. I just went down to the last s and it looks like the British government in here. So yeah This could be interesting I've lost my save game when my pc broke. Without skinny. Ure welcome. But if you have Eva, you can't pay back anything But if you don't want to wait, you can probably use cheats as that version is patron-only. You could also hack the savefile and change BigDebt to K. I don't have access to cheat codes. I've only just started playing this and am not a patron what a great game though!.

I also do not know how to hack the savefile, but I will look in the folders. I may be able to figure it out. Thank you for that tip. A new fetish that could be added to the game for cum amount. I'm not saying it has to Sim bro cheats a comedic amount, but just increased volume.

For instance, when ever your character ejaculates, sperm spurts out of the hole i. I know the general rule is that the 3rd option will do this, but sometimes that isn't the case. Changing the text color might work, but there are already a few of those for other instances. So, maybe something with the selection box on the right? Just some thoughts. It's a single-player game, I'm not competing with anyone. I couldn't care less about "difficulty" playing as male or female.

Like what the heck how could something like that be easily missed??? That needs a fix ASAP. Re: The SimBro Game Brothel Sim by napala » Fri Mar 10, pm Jeez, man, if you're gonna share the debug codes, at least have the decency of doing it in some where you can be sure the creator won't find them. This is how debug codes get changed and screw those that already had them.

Re: The SimBro Game Brothel Sim by VintageBass » Sat Mar 11, am I'm just going to jump in here and say this very quickly: Let's Sim bro cheats get too far off from the actual game discussion here and turn this into a name-calling match here. King, it's not a good idea to do it anyway as people paid to get access to that code to begin with and are actually helping out to test the game and make sure that everything is working to ensure that everyone can play the game in a functional state.

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It's not fair to everyone that someone like you comes along and place a code for everyone to use, along with a download to the version of the game that the public shouldn't have access to. You can try to spin it however you want, but in the end there's a system in place and the creators of the game will like to keep that system in place so everything runs smoothly. Let's leave the stuff that the patrons are paying for to them. They don't need someone like you ruining everything.

Sim bro cheats

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