Sims 3 woohoo in shower

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Get inside, have the Sims cuddle, and they can then Woohoo. You also need Late Night to Woohoo in the elevator.

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With Ambitions and World Adventures, respectively, your Sim gets the option to Woohoo in these two objects. The selection is made by clicking it and picking the Sim to Woohoo with. Many players confirmed their Sims did the deed in the closet although they kept on refusing to engage in the action in the double bed.

Introduced with The Sims 3: Supernatural. Only an option with Generations installed. First, your Sim must tour the location with his or her date, however; then while they are both inside the selected building, you can click on it for the option to WooHoo if the relationship is high enough. Now: if you are using mods then they could be causing this issue in which case you will need to remove all your mods, delete the localthumbcache. Bridge card games.

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How do you make my Sims WooHoo Sims 3? What do you do when your Sims wont WooHoo? How do you make Woohoo in Sims 3? Where to Woohoo in the Sims 3 Supernatural? Can You Woohoo in a shower in Sims 3? Where can I Woohoo my Sim in Fortnite?

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How can you woohoo in the shower on sims 3 PC?