Sister sex slave story

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Well, you forgot. What will we do until next week? Robbie was in his room fuming. Dani was such a brat. Even though she was old enough to know better, she still pissed him off like only could. The fact that she was the most beautiful girl in school and all of his friends thought that she was a goddess infuriated him even further.

They only saw her with their dicks. Just 15 minutes later he had finished and sat back with a smile on his face. Payback was not only going to be incredibly serious, it was going to be almost immediate. Robbie heard his mother leave for work and then a few minutes later he heard the water running as Dani showered. Grabbing a small computer screwdriver, Robbie went to the bathroom door and quickly unlocked the door.

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The only thing she could wear now when she came out of the bathroom would be toilet paper. Quickly going to his room, Robbie got out his digital cameras, one a video camera and the other for still shots. He mounted the digital camera on its tripod and made sure both cameras had full batteries plus a couple of spares.

The still camera he just put on the dresser. No password protection or anything. She sure likes sex, Robbie thought as he heard the shower stop. Here we go, he thought, sitting patiently and reading.

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Robbie smiled to himself as he pictured her rage, then he heard the bathroom door slamming open and Dani stomping down the hall. Opening the door to her bedroom, she stormed inside, slamming the door before she realized that the object of her anger and loathing was sitting at her desk using her computer. I never do anything to you! You are such an incredible bitch to me!

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Robbie saw her nipples suddenly get hard, twisting into gnarled pink nubs that stood out proudly from her tits. Now Dani tried to cover herself with her hands, though she made no move towards the towels or clothes on her bed, just 10 feet away. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Sister sex slave story

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